Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Mother!’ Poster is a Heart-Wrencher

Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie Mother! causes a stir as Paramount Pictures release haunting poster on Mother’s Day.

Photo Credit: IMDB

The poster, released this past Sunday by Paramount Pictures has sparked more curiosity about the Darren Aronofsky film Mother!. The film, whilst being highly anticipated, has had little to no information released about it with regards to plot, characters, etc. as actors and production staff alike stay tight-lipped.

Tiptoeing into the realm of the ‘Uncanny Valley’ the poster consists of a painting which depicts Jennifer Lawrence, proffering her freshly ripped-out-of-her-chest heart; hands covered in her own blood. Lawrence appears to be in a forest of some kind, which is creepy enough but scattered throughout the foliage that surrounds her are little trinkets and details which subconsciously add to the uneasy feeling the painting exudes. These little visual cues like the picture nestled in a leaf and what looks like a doorknob as the centre of a blooming flower or a flower seeping with water are easy to miss and have us curious to find out more.

The poster, however, does support the synopsis on the film’s IMDB page which states that the movie is a ‘Drama, Horror, Mystery’, which “centers on a couple whose relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.”.

This synopsis and poster, combined with a statement from Paramount Domestic Distribution chief Kyle Davies saying that the film will produce “thrills and chills” as well as an alleged source suggesting to The Wrap that “Aronofsky is flirting with the same psycho-horror that won Natalie Portman an Oscar for the unravelling ballerina she played in Black Swan” has us confident that Aronofsky is returning to his psycho-thriller MO.

To add to the disturbing aura of the film the American release date is October 13th, which coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) is a Friday the 13th…and tantalisingly close to Halloween.