Show Off Your Best Dance Moves on the Harbour Bridge’s Illuminated Dance Floor

The Vivid Sydney festival is taking its illuminating experiences to new heights.

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Destination NSW and Red Balloon have joined forces to bring an exciting new Vivid experience to Sydney, introducing an illuminating dance floor on top of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

Available exclusively for Vivid Sydney, the three and a half hour long experience involves groups of 14 people scaling the Sydney’s iconic bridge at night during the Vivid festival.

Once at the apex of the climb the dance floor will light up beneath the climbers feet and allow the climbers not only to take in the stunning views, but also allows them 15 minutes to bust some serious dance moves where none have done before.

This experience is available exclusively for vivid Sydney Festival which runs from Friday May 26th to Saturday June 17th.

You can purchase this experience from Red Balloon HERE.