From Chance The Rapper To Lana Del Rey: The Freshest New Music Videos

Music doesn’t just have to be about the music and some artists genuinely appreciate the artform of translating their music into a visual medium. Here are some of our favourite new music videos.

Vince Staples feat. Juicy J – Big Fish

Vince Staples is no stranger to creating artistic videos for his music. His style adopts surrealist visuals which feature strongly in the music videos and short film that accompanied his most recent release; the Prima Donna E.P. He continues in this vein with his new video clip for the song “Big Fish” from his album that is expected to be released this year. Vince Staples appears to have mastered his own artistic style however he consistently shows growth both lyrically and sonically as evidenced by the two singles he has released off of his new album.

Juiceboxxx – Freaking Out

Juiceboxxx recently announced the expected release of his album Freaked Out American Loser on July 28th this year and with that he shared the first single from the album “Freaking Out.” Juiceboxxx is a veteran musician, creating his own tantalising combination of both rap and rock. He spoke to the Fader to explain that “’Freaking Out’ is about hitting brick walls and fucking everything up but despite it all staying the course and trying to change your life in a positive way,” he went on “It is also just my attempt to make a high energy rap song with some real nerve. Musically, it is influenced by everyone from The Breeders to Wu-Tang Clan. I’ve been doing music my whole life. The real ones are in this regardless of trends.”

Overcoats – Leave The Light On

The two members of The Overcoats, Hannah Ellion and JJ Mitchell are accompanied by two backup dancers in this effortlessly cool video in which the four dance in unison, set in front of gritty industrial New York. The song “Leave The Light On” features chilling harmonies and a catchy undercurrent comes from their impressive debut album Young that the duo released earlier this year.

Francis and the Lights ft. Chance The Rapper – May I Have This Dance (Remix)

Chance The Rapper and Francis and the Lights have collaborated before on the hugely successful track “Summer Friends” and “Dear Theodosia (Reprise)” but this has to be our favourite song yet. The track from Francis’ most recent album Francis Starlite, has a sweet and innocent approach to romance, a sensation that is perfectly translated in this music video. Chance half practices his dance moves in a mirror, gradually becoming more confident until Francis eventually joins him for the final synchronised segment. It’s the perfect, simple, feel good video.

Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd – Lust For Life

Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd romance each other upon the roof of Lana’s current poetic home in the “H” of the Hollywood sign, as previously explained in a video announcing her soon to be released album Lust For Life. Lana’s nostalgic aesthetic opens the video before she climbs to her modern Starboy, eventually sliding down the signs “D” safely into a meadow below. The video comes following the release of the song “Coachella-Woodstock In My Mind” from her new album which is rumoured to have features from Courtney Love and Sean Lennon. The hype machine for the new album continues.