Alexa Chung Launches ‘Alexachung’

As if the twenty million other things she does isn’t enough, British fashion darling Alexa Chung has released her own fashion line.

Alexa Chung. Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

With a resume encompassing modelling, being a brand consultant and art director, U.K. Vogue contributor as well as TV presenting it is safe to say Alexa Chung knows what she is doing when it comes to fashion. She also knows a thing or two about being an “It Girl”, literally writing a whole book about it which doubled as her autobiography, titled “IT’ in 2013. There are many models and IT Girls in the world, but few have the power to inspire women to buy clothes the way Chung can.

Taking her fashion and industry experience to new heights Chung has designed and created her own fashion line and label aptly named ‘Alexachung’.

Speaking to Refinery29, she said: “Now, I’m responsible for a team of people, and it’s got my name on it, which means I’m directly affiliated. We also started from scratch, including building a team of people, finding an office, securing a website, shooting the collection, doing graphic design; every single thing. It was so interesting and amazing how much there was to do.”

Chung’s fashion line launched last night at 8pm via live stream on her website

The collection consists of 70’s retro inspired articles from T-shirts sporting catchphrases and stressed logos to platform shoes with multiple buckles and frilled, floral printed dresses.

You can check out all the clothes on her site hereThe collection looks amazing and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.