Amber Mark Stuns With Her Stirring Debut E.P. 3:33PM

Amber Mark has released her stunningly dynamic debut E.P. 3:33PM following the success of her single “S P A C E” just a year ago.

Image Credit: NME

“There were so many stories you were going to tell me, and all of these moments I will never get to see,” Amber Mark’s throaty voice croons in ‘Regrets’, the yearning, melancholic opening track of 3:33PM. The entire E.P. is laced with an emotional honesty in its lyrics which is further enhanced by her emotive vocals.

The E.P. is a showcase of the young artist’s vast musical knowledge, from one song to the next she seamlessly brings together different styles to create her own sound. In the track “Can You Hear Me?” she is supported by a booming brass section and a soulful choir of her vocals. She then turns the tables with “Way Back”, starting with a simple piano and gradually transforming into a dance beat accompanied by a unique blend of percussion.

Image Credit: Noisey

Her attention to detail in the variety of sounds she works with in her E.P. allows it to develop into a cohesive complex soundscape, which is all the more impressive considering most of her music is made in her bedroom.

The German-Jamaican singer, currently based in New York, has lived across the world, from India to Germany throughout her life. She attributes this upbringing to the unique amalgam of sounds in her music; in an interview, she explained,

“As a child being raised in so many places it allowed me to absorb different cultures fluidly. It’s opened my mind to what the world can offer, but it has also given me the opportunity to work in many realms of music. In Berlin with its love for house/techno, NYC where I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B, Goa’s trance obsession, Brazil’s Bossa Nova rhythms, and Nepal with its Tibetan mantras.”

Following the release of her first single on Soundcloud in early 2016, the reaction was swift and uplifting for the now 23-year-old RnB artist. The song was almost immediately a success being played on Zane Lowe’s popular Beats 1 radio show and being placed alongside heavy hitters like Drake and Taylor Swift on the iTunes homepage.

Listen to her debut E.P. 3:33PM below.