American Made Trailer Drops and it Looks Awesome!

Tom Cruise is making a comeback and we can’t wait!

Tom Cruise in American Made. Photo credit: Variety

The trailer for his latest movie, American Made dropped yesterday, and we have to say, it looks pretty freaking amazing! Based off of real events during the 1980’s drug war between Colombia and America, American Made looks like it will fill the Narcos shaped hole in our hearts.

Tom Cruise is the lead role, Barry Seal, an airline pilot who gets recruited by the CIA to presumably traffic drugs; whether it’s to or from Colombia we are unsure at this point. In the trailer we get glimpses of Barry’s home life, and the contrast between his life before and after getting recruited by the CIA.

Still from American Made. Photo credit: Cinema Blend

Full of cocky attitude, thrilling plane chases (and crashes), shootouts, well-timed humour and running, running, RUNNING (is it even a Tom Cruise movie without him sprinting somewhere while getting shot at?) this crime/thriller looks like it will have something for everyone.

Directed by Doug Liman who brought blockbusters like Mr & Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity to life, American Made is sure to be a hit!

So close and yet so far, American Made is coming to cinemas August 24th 2017. Watch the trailer below to stay hyped until then!