Mario Testino Proves Less is More in Newest Art Exhibition ‘Undressed’

If you’re a fashion and art photography fanatic, chances are you’ve heard of influential, boundary pushing, fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Photo Credit: Mario Testino Facebook.

If not, his work has been published internationally in magazines such as Vogue, WMagazine and Vanity Fair and he has also gathered a whopping 3.3m followers on Instagram, who keep up to date with all of his creative ideas. In short, he’s an artistic genius!

Photo Credit: Mario Testino and The Helmut Newton Foundation Exhibition

Testino’s newest fashionable adventure is his ‘Undressed’ exhibition at the Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin, which explores fashion (or lack thereof) beautifully, through nudity and sexuality.

‘Undressed’ is all about blurring the boundaries between fashion, eroticism, art, subverting conventions and exploring different modes of undressing. The art exhibition features 54 enormous photographs taken by Testino, taking up entire walls of the Helmut Newton Foundation display halls. ‘Undressed’ will be the largest scale exhibition for the gallery, with some of the images scaling the walls over 10 feet high, and 23 feet wide.

According to Mario Testino’s own site, alongside the exhibition, the Foundation’s cinema room will show a unique short film, Undressing The Mind.

This shows Testino in conversation with psychoanalyst Kai Hammermeister. In their exchange, Testino and Hammermeister analyse the root of Testino’s fascination with the human form, and Testino opens up about love and intimacy. The film is interspersed with images from Testino’s body of work, and gives the viewer a unique insight into his mind.

If you are in Berlin anytime between June 2 to November 19 we beg you to take a look at Undressed’ at The Helmut Newton Foundation Exhibition. It looks absolutely divine.

Get a closer look at ‘Undressed’ here!

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