FIB 5 Tracks You Need in Your Life Now

There is so much new music constantly being thrown out there on the web, it can all be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Don’t worry though, here at FIB we understand, which is why we find all the best bits just for you. Without further ado, here are our favourite new singles this week.

Fake Magic feat AlunaGeorge – Peking Duk

Peking Duk and AlunaGeorge — a match made in heaven. If you like a retro-beat, bass-plucking, groovy tune, then this is the song for you. The boys have really toned it back from the big drops like their popular dance tracks, “High” and “Stranger”. AlunaGeorge’s vocals are perfect and silky working so well over the gentle yet bouncy beat. The chorus is digging some serious Marcus Marr/Chet Faker vibes with the funky guitar sound but the boys take their own spin by staying true to their sound with unique electronic sounds and that classic dance vibe.

Overall, the song may not reach all new heights the way some of their previous works did but the song is good. Real good. It is true Peking Duk to play around with new sounds and they did it well but still maintained their traditional sound, something a lot of artists forget.

By Emma Houghton

Meridian – Odesza

Preceding the scheduled release of their third album A Moment Apart in September, ODESZA have ever so kindly dropped two fresh releases into our laps this week. The Seattle-based electronic duo invaded our ears in 2012 with their signature synth strings and soul-melting sonics, and have returned with a 16 track sophomore album littered with Aussie feature artists. Meridian is the perfect amalgamation of their usual hauntingly incomprehensible vocal tracks and spine-tingling strings, culminating in an almost electronic power ballad? Is that a thing? We’ll find out when they drop by Sydney on their hotly-anticipated world tour in September.

By Ashleigh Douglas

Rain Come Down feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Vince Staples

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has released “Rain Come Down”, the third single off of his sophomore album Big Fish Theory, out June 23. Featuring a sharp melodic hook by Ty Dolla $ign, the song shimmers with a sense of things bubbling under the surface, ready to be released “when the sun goes down”. Staples’ delivery is at once sharp and calm, exercising a sense of hard-won self-control and a sign of things to come.

By Lucy Li

2U featuring Justin Bieber — David Guetta

We all know that if Justin Bieber is on the track, it’s going to be a banger. Well Justin’s feature on David Guetta’s new song ‘2U’ that was released this week, definitely lived up to people’s expectations.

Biebs is the king of build ups. Remember when he got the entire celebrity community to countdown his release of ‘What Do You Mean?’ Well this time he has teamed up with Victoria’s Secret and took to social media to promote the song over a series of short clips of the VS Angels lip-syncing to the song. Prior to the song’s release, Biebs uploaded 3 20second teasers on Twitter of the angels doing what they do best — looking amazing. As the song plays they dance around lip syncing the lyrics and fans went nuts. The songs’ feel-good synth drop matched perfectly with that smooth JB vocal we all know and love. It’s fun, high energy and really does make you wanna dance. Thanks JB for sweeping the charts once again.

By Emma Houghton

 Sober – Lorde

Lorde’s newest album ‘Melodrama’ is scheduled for full release on the 16th June, but she’s been dropping singles to increase the hype, and it’s working. ‘Sober’ was the second promotional release only being available since June 9th and it just has to be a part of our ‘Songs of the week’ due to its strange and quirky nature, slightly different to what has previously been heard from Lorde. It’s a first of a two-part track so there is still a sense of mystery to the music, leaving room for the song to take a sudden change of direction, exciting!

However, ‘Sober’ on its own might just be one of the most authentic songs on the album thus far, not needing to rely on a super catchy chorus to become a hit. Although this might mean it could slip under the radar in the pop scene, we can see it gaining lots of popularity if you’re into more of an alternative and chilled out vibe with a hint of intoxicating electro beats. The song speaks about being totally relished in the happenings of a great weekend, but “what will we do when we’re sober?”.

If you’re hanging out with mates, ironically being not so sober, this song is a must.

If you’re a fan of the track and Lorde, then you’ll be happy to hear she has announced there will be a ‘Melodrama’ Tour! Check out her website here for your dates! She’ll be in Australia Nov 18-26.

By Gemma Rowley