Latest ABC/Netflix Production Unlikely To Be A Letdown

Production has commenced on a new ABC/Netflix series, The Letdown. The six-part series marks the third partner production for the Australian broadcaster and international streaming service, joining Glitch and The Legend of Monkey.

The Letdown is a comedy satire about early parenthood. Image credit: Mamamia

The series, co-written by Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell, was picked up from a pilot aired as part of ABC’s Comedy Showroom initiative in 2016. Following a win at the AACTA Awards for Best Screenplay in Television, the show secured funding from Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

A previous ABC/ Netflix production, paranormal drama Glitch, came under fire from commercial rivals for securing subsidisation despite its foreign multinational partner not accountable to contribute tax on our shores. Sure, this partnership allows the streaming service to piggyback on a production for a fraction of the cost, but it conversely drives support for Australian content on an international platform.

The comedy satire seeks to illustrate the trials and tribulations of early parenthood; all of the laughs, hormonal meltdowns and heartbreak faced in raising a new-born. Co-writer Alison Bell is set to star alongside Duncan Fellows, Lucy Durack, Sacha Horler, Noni Hazelhurst, Leon Ford, Celeste Barber, Xana Tang, Leah Vandenberg and Sarah Peirse.

Alison Bell stars as Audrey. Image Credit: ABC Television

Produced by Giant Dwarf, the series will air in Australia on ABC and internationally on Netflix. Netflix will gain local screening rights following the ABC airing.

The release date is yet to be confirmed.