Byron Bay Act Parcels Accidentally Teams Up With Daft Punk for Overnight

Australian based, small-time act Parcels have officially released their new single ‘Overnight’ and it just so happens to be co-written and produced by none other than THE Daft Punk.

Daft Punk. Photo Credit: Daft Punk Anthology

The surprise release was apparently created in a secret location in Paris, France.  The band, which consists of Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Jules Crommelin and Anatole Serret, was said to have graced the ears of Daft Punk at a Paris nightclub in 2016.  Upon hearing their song, the duo got in touch with the five-part band and all together, created ‘Overnight’ which undoubtedly has that familiar Daft Punk vibe to it.

‘Overnight’ is the follow-up single to the band’s latest release, their EP Hideout (2017).  While the song is a beautiful combination of electronic, funky beats and raw instrumental use and bass guitar, the song has a well-known groove that is bound to get you moving. In fact, it sounds eerily similar to another Daft Punk earworm, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Parcels. Photo Credit: Triple J Unearthed

Surprisingly, both Parcels and Daft Punk did not promote the release of the new song on their social medias which meant that the media were only able to find out upon its release to Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services.

To listen to Parcels’ new song featuring that Daft Punk production, see below.