Lily Collins’ New Movie “To The Bone” Will Make You Want To Eat A Burger

The trailer for the new Netflix original film To The Bone has officially dropped and it will make you want to eat that burger you’ve been holding off.

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The trailer was officially launched earlier this week and it showcases a small part of Lily Collins’ show-stopping performance of a girl suffering from anorexia and her journey into yet another rehabilitation program. Along the way, she meets a number of fellow sufferers as well as an eccentric doctor who is treating them (played by Keanu Reeves).

The trailer’s release is epic, highlighting the subtle comedy depicted alongside the seriousness of the film’s theme. Eating disorders is a tricky topic to unfold in a film – however, with the help from some light comedy and a kind of love for the uplifting characters in the film, it becomes something that people can watch without feeling violated or confronted.

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The film’s development sparked some controversy as Lily Collins was encouraged to lose weight to portray the role in its entirety. Being a thin person to start, this could have posed as a risk to Collins’ health, however, the media was informed that this weight loss was strictly under medical supervision. This method acting linked in with her own personal battles with anorexia as a teenager meant that Lily could create an emotional connection with the audience, not just the disorder.

“When I got the script, it wasn’t something that I was talking about yet. It was this fear being placed right in front of me, and doing the film meant that I would have to face it head-on,” she said. “At first it was definitely a scary process. It was something that I thought is risky, because there’s a fine line between facing something head-on and succeeding, or falling back into it. But I knew that, this time, I would be held accountable for it. I would be [losing weight] under the supervision of a nutritionist and surrounded by all these amazing women on set. So, I knew that I would be in a safe environment to explore this.”

To view the full trailer, see below.

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, please contact your local doctor immediately.

If you live in Australia you can also seek help at:

The Butterfly National Helpline

Phone: 1800 334 673