Street Style Report: Milan Mens Fashion Week Goes Bright And Bold

This year’s Men’s Milan Fashion Week really did prove that men are just as stylish as women. But this year proposed a love for colour and bright fashion on top of established patterns and feel-good vibes. While many turned heads with their outfits of choice, there were a few trends that were spotted on the day, which we at FIB love. 

Image credit: Notey

All About The Print

Some men chose to go big this year with some statement prints seen on shirts, pants and shorts. These styles work beautifully paired with block coloured garments like blazers or hats. The person who best represented this trend? Karl Edwin Guerre.

Karl Edwin Guerre in a Post-Imperial suit. Photo Credit: Vogue

The floral, Hawaiian beach shirt is often hard to pull off in high fashion, but Guerre has done it beautifully by pairing it with some simpler garments to highlight the statement piece that is the shirt.

Both in Salvatore Ferragamo signature print. Photo credit: Vogue

These two stylish men strutted in Salvatore Ferragamo signature print that was last seen on the SF Runway for their Spring 2017 Collection.  The boys paired the print with more basic garments to compliment the prints.

Mix & Match Galore

If you are going to wear Prada, flaunt it right? Prada was on display front and centre in Milan this year with some fiery, mix-and-match of prints.

Some big names like Prada showed off some colour this year. Photo Credit: Vogue

Perhaps a risky fashion choice, especially when paired with sporty-styled socks that emphasise the middle floral print. To pair the look with a busy printed pouch/clutch is another bold move.  Somehow though, it works.

Continuing the Bold Colour Coordination 

Warm colours burned through the streets of Milan Men’s Fashion Week with bright colours being the go-to this year.  The reds, oranges, yellows and even pinks proved to be a hit as a combination of pants, beanies, jackets, socks and even coloured overalls were all present and accounted for.

Some turned to Fendi for their colourful pieces. Photo Credit: Vogue

Fendi had our youth looking fresh and bold on the streets of Milan.  Bright colours are always known to turn heads in fashion, yet these guys make colour seem simple and punk-sporty.

Conrad Bromfield in a sequence of colour. Photo Credit: Vogue

Conrad Bromfield chose to pair his beaded dreadlocks with a bright combination of red and pink emphasising a real summer vibe.  Overalls are a tricky piece to pull off, especially pink ones, however, his young yet vibrant style has this piece working on him.

Ana Gimeno Brugada wearing soft yellow. Photo Credit: Vogue

Ana Gimeno Brugada could easily slip into the prints category with this piece.  Her choice to pair this statement coat with faded yellow pants alongside a yellow shirt and matching socks was again, a bold choice.

The Classic Coat

A timeless, elegant and classic piece always makes an appearance at all the major fashion events on the calendar.This year, Milan was graced with coats in all different shapes and styles.

Ana Gimeno Brugada in a Dries Van Noten coat. Photo Credit: Vogue

Ana Gimeno Brugada makes yet another appearance in a Dries Van Noten coat.  Again, Brugada is making it very easy to put her entire wardrobe in the prints category.  This long coat brings a sense of light to her simply coloured outfit.  Once again, she plays with colour with her socks and shoes which works when paired with her coat.

Angelo Flaccavento in a Lucio Vanotti coat. Photo Credit: Vogue

The traditional checkered-patterned coat works gives Angelo Flaccavento that nerdy professor look.  He matched the coat with a simple tee and matching, printed pants to compliment the entirety of the outfit.

Alex Badia in a Sacai coat. Photo Credit: Vogue

Last, but certainly not least is Alex Badia rocking an off-pink, Sacai coat.  His neckpiece really works at giving the outfit some edge alongside a simple pant and tee choice to give emphasis on that coat.

As you can see, all of FIBs standout street-style icons could easily slip into their neighbouring categories of print, colour and coats.  This year was full of bright colours and colourful, bold prints that come together to shape the Italian fashion scene so perfectly.  Men really do know how to put on a show, especially out on the streets.

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