7 Awesome Game of Thrones Season 7 Theories and One that Will Make You Say ‘Whaaaaaaat???’

With the Game of Thrones season 7 on the horizon, there has been an influx of fan theories about what could happen throughout the season bouncing around the internet.

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Whilst GOT theories are nothing new, with the show leaving the books they are based on far, FAR behind in the distance anything could happen. Book readers are in even more uncharted waters than last season; sending some people nuts with speculation.

Here at FIB, we thought we’d save you the trouble of looking and compiled a list of our favourite fan theories that are making the rounds.  And because we’re super nice we arranged them from what we think is the most plausible and likely to happen to ones that while we love them, there’s probably a greater chance of Drogo come back to life than these ones working out.

This goes without saying but:

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Seriously. If you haven’t seen up to season six, go watch it now!

Without further ado, here is our list of most plausible to craziest fan theories for Game of Thrones Season 7!

  1. Jon Snow is Azor Ahai aka the Prince That Was Promised
Jon Snow. Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Okay, this one is going to have some backstory, just so this theory makes sense. TL;DR; Jon Snow fits the description of the prophecy which outlines the conditions under which the ‘The Prince That Was Promised’ aka Azor Ahai would be reborn.

This is the most popular and long-running theory out there. This literally would not be a Game of Thrones post if we didn’t mention this one! If you’re sitting there wondering who Azor Ahai is, he is the guy that defeated the White Walkers and ended the Long Night thousands of years ago. He is also referred to as ‘The Prince That Was Promised’. His weapon of choice is a flaming sword called Lightbringer.

In the books and the show there is a prophecy which dictates that in order to defeat the White Walkers, Azor Ahai must be reborn. The prophecy also stipulates that Azor Ahai will be reborn of the blood of the dragon (i.e. a Targaryen) “after a long summer, when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world” and born again “amidst smoke and salt,” waking dragons out of stone. He will carry a burning sword called Lightbringer”. If some of this stuff sounds familiar, it’s probably because Melisandre was convinced earlier in the series that Stannis (RIP) was Azor Ahai and even made him a fancy burning sword (kinda).

A still from a fan made video showing Jon as Azor Ahai. Image credit: Youtube

The theory seems to almost fit Jon perfectly. He has a sword made of Valyrian steel which was forged in dragon fire. Jon was killed but then resurrected by Melisandre; who some theorist believe to be a symbolisation of the bleeding star. Fans have pointed out that all this was done at the Kings Watch, which could have ‘salt’ if the wall was made out of sea water. Plus, this might be a bit of a reach but, smoke was for sure seen when Melisandre threw Jon’s hair on the brazier. Adding fuel to this fire (see what we did there? Smoke – fire, get it?) is the revelation at the end of the season that Jon is, in fact, a Targaryen.

Yep, this theory is looking pretty credible to us.

2. Bran will be the Reason the White Walkers Cross the Wall

A White Walker grabs Bran’s arm. Image Credit: NDTV

When Bran is touched by the Night’s King during his vision, the magic protection that prevented White Walkers from entering the area where he and his co-hoard were taking shelter was dissolved. It stands to reason that because Bran was ‘marked’ by the night’s King, anywhere Bran goes, any magical fortification will be destroyed, including The Wall. Jeez Bran, haven’t you done enough damage already? RIP HODOR.

3. Arya Stark Will Kill Littlefinger

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In the recently released season seven promo cover for EW Arya Stark is pictured with a very familiar dagger. The dagger that literally started all of the Stark’s problems. A very familiar dagger that was last seen with Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish.

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There is speculation that Arya got the dagger by killing Littlefinger either to get revenge for her family or because she found out Littlefinger’s true horrible nature and decided to ‘close his eyes’ for good. Watch your back Littlefinger, karma in the form of Arya Stark might be coming for you.

4. Cleganebowl Will Happen!!!

Will the much hyped Clegane Bowl happen? Image credit: COED Mag

The battle between brothers is a much-anticipated event within the GOT fandom. The Hound Vs. The Mountain; the Clegane brothers in an epic showdown TO THE DEATH! (for good this time). Fans are foaming at the bit for this revenge story to take place where our now-beloved Hound will take down his Frankenstein’s monster of a brother once and for all, ridding Cersei of her looming bodyguard.

5.  Samwell Tarly Will Find a Way to Kill the White Walkers

Samwell Tarly. Image Credit: Screencrush

Oh, Samwell, sweet, sweet Samwell…. you’re too good for this hellish world you’ve been thrust into. Season Six finishes with our number one favourite cinnamon roll finally accomplishing his dream of entering the Citadel with the objective of becoming a maester as well as aiding Jon by learning as much as he can about what lies north of the wall. Sam’s location of being at the Citadel, with access to centuries-old books sparked the theory that it will be Sam (with his Hermione level love for reading) that will find the key to destroying the White Walkers. Some theories even speculate that Sam does so by finding the method of making Valyrian Steel. With dragons being almost accessible, we think this theory is pretty plausible.

6. Tyrion Lannister is Azor Ahai

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Just like Jon showing signs of being the foretold ‘Prince that was Promised’, Tyrion Lannister also shows some of these ‘signs’. According to internet theorists, Tyrion Lannister might not be a Lannister at all, but rather a Targaryen. In the books it is said that The Mad King ‘took liberties’ with Tyrion’s mother, which fans speculate may have resulted in Tyrion’s birth; MEANING that Tyrion might just be a Targaryen. This theory seems to be backed up with the way that he is described in the book as having “hair so blonde it was almost silver” which is reminiscent of the Targaryen signature hair. Also supporting this theory? Tywin Lannister’s apparent disdain for his son. Theorists believe that this treatment stems not from Tyrion’s dwarfish appearance but rather the true nature of his birth, even going so far as to suggest that’s why Tywin proclaimed “You’re no son of mine” before Tyrion killed him. But come on, really how many secret Targaryen’s are running around? It seems like every third character may as well be a secret Targaryen.

7. There is a Dragon beneath The Wall, and when it Wakes the Wall will Break.

The Wall. Image credit: HBO

Within the GOT world, magic is always seemingly linked back to dragons, and for fans, The Wall is no exception. The theory is that the magic used to create The Wall’s protective enchantments comes from a Dragon that is sleeping (or trapped depending on which theory you look at) within The Wall and that when Horn of Joramun is blown it will unleash the power to tear down the wall. And we’ve seen a horn with strikingly similar features to that of the Horn of Joramun on the hip of Euron Greyjoy. Who knows if this horn is the weapon destined to cause the fall of The Wall (and awaken the speculated dragon inside).

8.  Varys is a Mermaid

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Yep, you read that right. One of the more popular theories floating around since season six is that Varys, our favourite eunuch, is actually A MERMAID! Okay stay with us, but HOW ELSE DID VARYS GET FROM DORNE TO DANY SHIP SO FAST? This is the main basis for this theory, with enthusiastic fans pointing out that Merpeople, in the books referred to as Merlings, exist and are actual creatures in the GOT world. Whilst we here at FIB LOVE this theory, we don’t think it will actually come to pass and that it is more silly than plausible.

So that’s it folks those are our seven awesome theories and the one theory too crazy not to include!

Stay hyped for Game Of Thrones Season 7 by watching the Season 7 trailers below. The night is dark and full of secrets, but at least we have these trailers and theories to get us through it till the Season 7 Premiere in Australia on July 17.