Electric Ladies Steal The Spotlight With All-Female Movement

This Friday 30th June sees the debut of Electric Lady, a band night boasting a killer line-up of all-female talent, hosted by The Hopeless Utopian and triple j at Sydney’s Metro Theatre.

Image credit: The Brag

This super cool event was borne of conversations between Aussie musician Holly Rankin (aka Jack River and Creative Director of The Hopeless Utopian) and fellow talents Montaigne, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey, Lisa Mitchell, Gretta Ray and Kita Alexander about the recent leaps and bounds of women in music and how powerful it would be to combine these forces in an all-female movement.

And thus, Rankin handpicked a bunch of fresh female artists to kick off the movement in an electric showcase, starting this Friday night.

Image credit: Electric Lady World

The women are also set to sweep Melbourne off their feet at The Corner Hotel on the 1st of July.

The all-star movement has further expanded as a platform to recognise and convey the strengths of women in other industries such as politics, science and sport. Check out Electric Lady World for interviews with the likes of Steph Gilmore, Isabel Lucas and Katie Mack.

Tickets are still on sale at Metro Theatre. Follow @electricladyworld to track the inevitable success of this movement.