Glastonbury Festival Fashion Takes Us Back to the Nineties

The Glastonbury Music Festival wrapped up on the 25th of June and with all major music festivals nowadays, eyes weren’t just on the artists. Celebrity festival attendees turned heads in their surprisingly casual outfits. FIB compiled five of the best Glastonbury looks that put casual fashion back on top and gave everyone a nostalgic kick. 

Margot Robbie. Photo Credit: WhoWhatWear

Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie looked absolutely adorable as she took to the festival in a casual Mickey Mouse shirt with tights and gumboots – certainly comfortable! The addition of the glasses and the matching backpack gave it a slightly more festival-type look as she looked as happy as ever in her cosy Glastonbury outfit.

Alexa Chung. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Alexa Chung also got the simple memo with a navy coat over a polka-dot blouse-type piece. Boots are also a festival essential which she definitely got right this year. Like, Margot Robbie’s Mickey Mouse sweater, Alexa’s hairclip is giving us early nineties vibes and accentuates her youthful look.

Cara Delevingne. Photo Credit: Vogue

Cara Delevingne does no wrong. Double denim is always risky but when done well, it can be a look to be reckoned with. Cara has done exactly this in her casual double-denim styled look paired with a matching backpack and of course, combat boots.

Suki Waterhouse. Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Suki Waterhouse also tackles casual fashion quite well. Her jacket is the showstopper for this outfit. Denim is always going to be seen at any festival, yet Suki makes this classic seem updated with a varsity-style jacket to complete the look.

Adwoa Aboah. Photo Credit: Vogue

Adwoa Aboah is always known to go big and bold in terms of fashion. Yet, here she is seen toning it down a bit for the festival. Somehow though, she makes the look work as she sticks to her own by taking the look one step further with colourful additions in the accessories.

Overall, the festival dress code, while surprisingly casual, has continued to redefine festival fashion. FIBs top five picks from this years Glastonbury has definitely proved the power of casual and comfortable fashion.  Perhaps some inspiration for this year’s summer festivals?

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