Bondi Welcomes Louis Vuitton And Supreme Fans With Pop Up Store

Louis Vuitton and Supreme have doubled up to create a banging men’s pop-up store in Bondi and Sydney-siders are going nuts.

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

The pop-up store was set to open this winter for Sydney and will premiere a selection of the Autumn-Winter 2017 Men’s Collection as a collaboration between Men’s Artistic Director, Kim Jones and James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme.

This Autumn-Winter 2017 Collection is the first time that Louis Vuitton and Supreme have teamed up. They have created a number of pieces of clothing, accessories and jewellery that represents the “excellence of New York street style and the Louis Vuitton’s French savoir-faire.”

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While Louis Vuitton and Supreme welcomed a huge number of fans to the pop-up in Bondi, there was one customer in particular that no one expected to see on Aussie soil.  It was Justin Beiber who spent some time around Bondi Beach yesterday with fans and popped into the pop-up.  He is said to be in Sydney for the Hillsong Conference.

Justin Bieber in Louis Vuitton x Supreme. Photo credit: Daily Telegraph

Now I’m a Belieber ?

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While the pop-up is seen to be reeling in uncountable crowds, it hasn’t gone off without a hitch. One man in particular raised a concerning issue about the store and its management of customers.  37 year old Tristan Chant had waited in line for eight hours on Monday morning from 3am, only to be told at 11am that the products had sold out after just 10 to 12 people had been in.  While this is disappointing news, Tristan said he was more disappointed at how the customers were managed.

Tristan told News that he was “chilled to the bone, to the point where [his] kidneys, back and ankles hurt from prolonged exposure” after waiting in temperatures as low as 4C.  “It was incredibly disorganised.” “Louis Vuitton needs to take responsibility.  I think they’ve done a disservice to customers.  A hundred people were waiting in the freezing cold — do something.  Get some gas heaters, bottled water, make sure everyone’s safe.  This isn’t some small skate shop, they’re a multinational company.”

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For more details about the pop-up store, see the details below:

Ground Floor, 95 Roscoe Street
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday until 7:00 PM
Phone number: 1300 883 880