Britney Spears – Singer, Dancer, Actress And… Photographer?

Look, Britney Spears is well versed on being the star in front of a camera. Not many would assume that Spears would take on a role behind the camera and yet she has proven us wrong, being the creative force and direction behind the photography of her boyfriend, 23-year-old fitness model, Sam Asghari. Go Britney! 

Britney Spears & Sam Asghari. Photo credit: Arun Nevader/Getty Images)

The couple are assumed to have started dating in 2016 after they were snapped together out to dinner as well as front row at Los Angeles Fashion Week.  After many questioning fans, the rumours were confirmed in March this year when Britney posted a birthday post for him, captioned “My Baby’s Birthday”.

Sam was later seen in Britney and Tinashe’s music video for their track ‘Slumber Party’. He features in a raunchy scene at a table where Brit is seen crawling across in a flesh-exposing outfit before licking split milk from in front of Sam.  See the video below.

The couple has since taken to social media on many occasions to emphasise their romance. However, it wasn’t until Sam posted what seemed to be professional photography shots that captioned all photography credit to his ‘better half’ that people realised Britney’s talent behind a camera.

? Shot by my better half #B&W 1/3

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Again 2/3

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Another one shot by my lioness ?

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Also how cute is it that he calls her ‘lioness’? Listen, we’re not saying that Britney missed her calling and could have potentially been a world-class photographer, but…we kinda are. 

Check out some more of Britney Spears’ shots of Sam Asghari on his Instagram, here.