Tyler, The Creator Explores ‘Nuts + Bolts’ In Trailer For New Viceland Series

Tyler, The Creator is continuing to prove he is just that – having just dropped the trailer for his new show Nuts + Bolts, set to air on the 3rd of August on Viceland.

Image credit: Viceland

The forthcoming Viceland series has been dubbed by Tyler, himself, as a show in which he explores how “everything [he] thinks is awesome is made”.

The Creator has been keeping himself busy this past year; reworking Bill Nye the Science Guy’s theme song, dabbling in animation on Adult Swim, even producing his own documentary.

With appearances from science guy Bill Nye and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nuts + Bolts promises an educational supplement to Tyler’s comedic commentary of how the hell everyday objects (the likes of donuts and… mustard?) are made, amalgamated with the exploration of mechanics, stop-motion animation and mind-bending notions such as a time travel.

Who needs school teachers in an age when we can access tv shows that explain the nuts and bolts of condiments and the mechanics of go-karts with the childlike enthusiasm and whimsicality of Tyler, The Creator?

Nuts + Bolts will premiere on the 3rd of August on Viceland.