Everything You Need To Know About Paris Couture Fashion Week

Game Of Thrones vibes, all things mother nature and bobblehead dolls. Pardon? This year’s Paris Couture Week took a real unexpected twist to the term ‘couture’. In case you missed it, FIB is here to keep you updated on the latest news and trends of 2017’s Paris Couture Fashion Week.

Photo Credit: South China Morning Post

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Inclusive Collection

A show playing on colour, shapes and ready-to-wear patterned looks, Jean Paul Gaultier displayed a magnificent collection, but it was his Muslim-friendly outfits that turned heads this year encouraging a fashion world that is full of diversity and free of discrimination. This is a particularly welcoming sign that fashion is moving step by step closer to becoming more inclusive, particularly given the recent strides towards including the representation of Muslim women in fashion.

Photo Credit: Vogue

Gaultier’s collection showcased long sleeved garments and beautiful head-dresses that played with geometric patterns and bright colours to give the show that wow factor. However, whilst his collection was middle-eastern inspired, he was sure to create garments for all. Head garments were not included in every outfit to ensure diversity, highlighting a conservative collection full of elegance and edge.

Photo Credit: Vogue
Photo credit: Vogue

Oh, and Gaultier gave Coco Rocha a bike.  Yes, you did read correctly.  Coco Rocha, while known for her iconic ability to pull any face or expression in the universe no matter how crazy, has gone even crazier by cycling down the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier’s finale.

Elie Saab Will Make You Feel Like A Warrior Princess

Excited for Game of Thrones Season 7? So is Elie Saab according to her Paris Couture Collection. The medieval-themed show went down the path of an ancient princess warrior that had jaws dropping all across the kingdom… I mean room.

Photo Credit: Vogue
Photo Credit: Vogue

From crown-like headpieces to royal, beaded capes, the collection showcased the glamorous side of ruling an empire with a number of full-length, detailed pieces that are sure to make you feel like a princess (or a Khaleesi!)

Photo Credit: Vogue

Viktor & Rolf’s Show Might Give You Nightmares

Warning: The following content is disturbing AF. Viktor & Rolf took couture way up a notch this year with a fashion show half consisting of bobblehead-like dolls. See for yourself.

A model walks the runway during the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018. Photo credit: Victor Boyko/WireImage)

As creepy as these doll-like models look, (I mean seriously, what’s going on with their flesh? shudder) we assume there is an underlying meaning here, evident when the other half of the show consisted of real life human models. So what’s going on?

The collection starts off with the dolls strutting in bold, statement pieces that bring volume to your average wardrobe. Colour, texture and patterns were all executed wonderfully to create beautiful pieces of clothing. Yet, halfway through the show, the clothes are showcased again, but the dolls were no longer.

Photo credit: Vogue

Creepy, yet intriguing.

Chanel Brings The Eiffel Tower To You

Haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower before? Have no fear, Chanel has got you covered. The fashion house’s Paris Couture Show was show-stopping, and not just because of the clothes. The collection was showcased under a stunning replica of the Eiffel Tower and it was beautifully brilliant.

Photo Credit: Vogue

The clothes definitely lived up to the standard of the setting. Chanel begins with a corporate vibe with textured, neutral coloured blazers, skirts and pants. However, the collection takes a turn and proceeds down a path with feathers, bold colours and statement dresses that will remind you why you love Chanel so much.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

In case this wasn’t enough, Chanel attracted all the stars to the show.

Katy Perry, Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Delevingne and Claudia Schiffer. Photo credit: News.com.au

Reaching Out To Mother Nature

If you find that you haven’t left the house in a while, you’ll surely enjoy Dior and Rodarte’s nature-themed Couture Fashion Shows.  From reinvented flower-crowns to a stroll through the safari, these shows highlighted the beauty of nature from florals to bright colours, reminding you of the joys of meadow frolicking and wilderness discoveries.

Dior explores a more ferocious side with a safari-like setting and abstract animals lurking in the bush surrounding the runway.  Rodarte, however, took to the flower power vibe with gentle, angelic pieces that match perfectly with the baby’s breath that engulfed the looks.

Rodarte taking flower crowns to another level:

Rodarte. Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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