Need Brushing Up On Your Couture Knowledge? Saint Laurent Has Your Back

Saint Laurent has officially announced the establishment of a Couture Training Program.  It is said to act as an internship type program that will give students the opportunity to work with Saint Laurent and the team.  So… where do we sign up?

Photo Credit: Vogue

The program runs for six months and works in collaboration with two educational institutions: the Institut Français de la Mode and the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  Whilst the program specialises in teaching young potentials the techniques of couture fashion, it also emphasises sustainability and innovation in fashion, two concepts Saint Laurent is super passionate about.

“Preserving our heritage while evolving and being very relevant in our epoca is a pillar of our strategy, and investing in talents is an imperative condition to build on our success even further,” said Francesca Bellettini, president and CEO of Saint Laurent, in a release. “I am very proud of this partnership with such renowned and prestigious institutions as the IFM and ECSCP, which will greatly contribute to the implementation of our strategy.”

See the Saint Laurent official website, here.