Louis Vuitton Creates A Luxurious Smartwatch And It Looks Exactly As You’d Expect

In case you forgot that Louis Vuitton literally likes to slap their logo on everything, here’s your reminder. The fashion house has decided to get with the times, officially launching its very first smartwatch and it is everything you would expect.

Photo Credit: Vogue

The Tambour Horizon watch is a remodel of the classic LV Tambour silhouette, only now it has smartwatch technology that is compatible with all up-to-date Android and Apple smartphones. It runs Android Wear 2.0 software and was developed in collaboration Qualcomm and Google.

Overall, the watch does everything that your average smartwatch would do from text messages, alarms, GPS tracking, music, etc. The only catch?  The pricing starts at $2,450. Oh, and what it doesn’t have you ask? A heart rate monitor. This might seem funny at first, however, with a $3000 watch on my wrist, I wouldn’t be working out either. Imagine sweating with that thing strapped to your wrist, shudder.

The Tambour Horizon comes in grey, black, and brown colours.  It also has more than 60 different straps, half meant for men and half meant for women.

Would having the LV logo on a smartwatch convince you to part with $2450? Tell us below!