FIB’s Mid Year Pop Culture Report Card: From Rick and Morty to the Jenners

Check out who made the grade in fashion, film and tv and who is going to have to repeat. 

The incredible suspense leading up to Rick and Morty Season 3 – Grade: A+

Rick and Morty. Photo Credit: The Independent

The wait for the third season of Rick and Morty has been as frustrating as a Mr. Meeseeks attempting to teach Jerry how to golf. Harmon and his cronies over at Adult Swim skyrocketed our hopes with that bittersweet April Fool’s prank – a 24-hour stream of a new episode – but we soon came crashing back to dimension C-137 when it turned out that episode was but a mere taste of season three. Alas, it has been almost three months without a fresh ep and we’re about as agitated as Pichael Thompson.

In the meantime, rumours of tension and full-on biffs between Harmon and Justin Roiland have kept us on the edge of our seats. Will Harmon relive his Chevy/Community drama and drive Roiland away? Will Roiland method act his way into liver failure? Will season three ever see the light of day?! We’re riggety wrecked over this whole dilemma, but it’s about bloody time for those guys to get schwifty and show us what they’re got!

EDIT: Fire up your portal guns, Adult Swim has confirmed that Season Three will be returning on 30th of July. And that’s the waaaay the news goes!

GLOW: Gorgeous, Lacklustre Or Would-Watch-Again? Grade: B-

GLOW. Image credit: Netflix

In the essence of transparency, we didn’t particularly enjoy the first few episodes of GLOW. From the outset, we were all set to love Alison Brie: the desperate, down-on-her-luck actress Ruth Wilder, with a desire for a meaty role… you know those roles that are saved exclusively for men? So far so good, GLOW is on a sure path to acing the Bechdel test.

That is until we find out she has broken one of the most sacred, cardinal rules? Adios, homewrecker Wilder. Are we supposed to pity her? Are we supposed to care that she is alone? GLOW soon became white noise: you know, one of those shows you chuck on in the background while you’re trawling ASOS Marketplace, vacuuming your room or sleeping?

It wasn’t until the last two or three episodes that we started maximising the screen again, turning our attention from mindlessly scrolling through Facebook to going Hogan over some good, old-fashioned wrestling. We actually really enjoyed these last episodes, so much so we have vowed to give GLOW another red-hot-go (rhyme unintended). Sure, the Netflix window is once again minimised in the corner of the screen but we’re technically working here! Don’t tell the editor…

By Ashleigh Douglas

Orange is the New Black Loses the Thread – Grade: C+

Image credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Season five of Orange is the New Black radically switched up its storytelling structure condensing the time frame and action into a mere seventy-two hours of life in post-prison riot Litchfield. Which, let’s be honest, made for a truly incoherent mess. Maybe that was the point though? When you strip away all restraints on order and time like the strictly regimented schedule of prison life and turn all authority upside down, what you’re bound to end up with is chaos?

At its best, OITNB was a show that expertly walked the tightrope between drama and comedy and it didn’t so much as fall off it this season, as jump off. The jumps between high-low humour and tragedy gave the show a schizophrenic feel. We can’t help wondering, maybe we would have liked it better if we were on drugs like Red and Blanca?

By Lucy Li

The Film Industry’s Never Ending Obsession with Remakes – Grade: D

Image credit: The Geek Tyrant

Have you ever loved a movie so much and then the creators announce a remake? You expect so much but it absolutely bombs and you never trust cinema again? Let’s face it, everyone loves a good old classic movie. Disney perhaps? Or the classic Marvel movies? The problem here is that once a brilliant movie is set to be remade, movie makers decide what to do with it whether that may be completely mirroring the story or rebooting it by changing the storyline slightly. What’s so bad about that you ask?


The point is that sometimes good movies need to be left alone. Upon referencing numerous movies, it is found that reboots tend to score better with the public as they are not attempting to remake the movie as such, but are more so continuing the storyline, possibly from a different angle or perspective. Sorry movie makers, but FIB is here to remind you not to break what isn’t broken. Keep the classics classic!

FIB gives movie remakes a… D

By Emma Houghton

The Kardashian/Jenner’s CopyCat Antics – Grade: F

Image Credit: The Mirror

In the world of Hollywood controversy and scandal-hungry TMZ “journalists” – the Kendall sisters are just the gift that keeps on giving. In their latest act of “Well, that was stupid” – the two Instagram models-somehow-turned-business-wizards released a line of so-called “rap/rock” T-shirts that we’re sure sent their legal advisor up and packing to the next doomed fashion aspirant. Featuring the deeply-artistic concept of superimposing their Insta-photos (like a screenshot right off the smartphone – icons, caption, and all) square on the faces of music legends such as Tupac, Pink Floyd, and The Doors – outraged netizens were hot on their little Kardashian tails faster than you could say, “Pepsi commercial”. And as a cherry on top of this already profound mess, the artists in question were never legally asked for permission – causing the photographer of the classic images, Michael Miller, to eventually file charges against the duo for copyright infringement. We can’t help but rate this incident a large, bolded F for the ultimate fashion faux-pas this month.

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay