FIB’s 5 Tracks You Need In Your Life Now

FIB is bringing you the freshest new releases this week. From a California throwback to Vance Joy dancing with a Westworld actor, you’re sure to love FIB’s top 5 tracks of this week.

Lay It On Me – Vance Joy

Yes, you can all stop praying now. Vance Joy is back again with a juicy new track that is sure to remind you of why you love those dreamy vocals. The ‘Riptide’ singer released ‘Lay It On Me’ on July 13th, accompanied by a weird but wonderful music video featuring Westworld star, Angela Sarafyan. The track though stays true to his soft, toe-tapping sound yet takes a step up in the fast-paced chorus. Vance has brought us a gentle yet upbeat track that is sure to make you press repeat.

Upon his new release, Vance Joy has announced his Lay It On Me Tour which will tour around Australia in November and includes his set at Spilt Milk Music Festival in Canberra. Vance is also performing at Splendour In The Grass this weekend so strap on your gumboots for some muddy, music loving times.

By Emma Houghton

California – Lisa Mitchell

Remember the O.C.? If you were born in the early 90’s and like attractive people, then you probably do. And if you do, then that rhetorical question was probably enough to incite the Phantom Planet beach tune in your head. You know, the one about California, and driving there. You’re welcome for the earworm.

That being said, for any fans of the classic series and those reading this who are likely already visualising those opening split-screen transitions – Australian folk-pop sweetheart Lisa Mitchell has recently come out with a refreshing take on the track. Blending her soft, dainty vocals with the simple backing of an acoustic guitar, the artist gives the song a much more dreamy, reminiscent feel, with the fragile charm of a Daniela Andrade ballad. It’s the perfect background track for driving down the Cali sunset strip, or for anyone currently daydreaming about 24-year old Adam Brody.

By Ana Isabel Alonsagay

Summer Bummer // Groupie Love – Lana Del Rey featuring A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti

An unusual collaboration yet both masterpieces. Lana Del Rey has released a double whammy with American rappers and songwriters A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti.  These releases come just days before the release of Lana’s new album, Lust For Life. It is safe to say that Lana is just being Lana with both her tracks. Her angelic yet badass vocals will take you to another planet and trust me, you’ll want to go.  ‘Summer Bummer’, while seemingly the crowd favourite, has a bouncy beat that she sings so gracefully over while ASAP and Playboi come in to get you in that badass mood. ‘Groupie Love’, however, takes it up a tiny notch with a melody that seems a little less badass and more sweet and intriguing. Overall, both tracks have given us a sneak peak into Lust For Life and all we can say is hurry up July 21!!!

By Emma Houghton

One Stop Shop – Tentendo

This debut single could be a sign that Melbourne electronic/hip hop outfit, Tentendo, will be the antidote for your (arguably) tragic ‘90s r’n’b’ addiction. ‘One Stop Shop’ spins a lyrical tale of holding on to a past relationship despite its toxicity…should we take this as a sign to delete our Ashanti playlist on Spotify?

With soulful vocals (by an unnamed Melbourne vocalist) and a Kaytranada-esque sound sure to get your shoulders rolling, producer Caleb Williams could be the ‘One Stop Shop’ for your modern hip-hop fix.

By Ashleigh Douglas

Miracles (Someone Special) – Coldplay featuring Big Sean

With a gradual and subtle evolution in the bands sound, it is still so easy to know a Coldplay song when you hear one. A collaboration with Big Sean however, had fans doing a double take. The song sticks to its roots and begins as any Coldplay song does, preaching positivity and happy vibes with an inspiring melody that you can’t help but smile at. Yet, Big Sean comes in at the bridge and it surprisingly works!  He emphasises that inspiring message with his carefully crafted lyrics and they fit perfectly with the song. In fact, Big Sean’s collaboration is probably the only thing that makes this Coldplay song a little more unique than the others. It will definitely make you feel like you are Someone Special’.

By Emma Houghton