Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? The Man In Black, Tell A Friend: The New Westworld Trailer Is Out

Westworld dropped a trailer for its forthcoming (hold ya horses, it’s not due until 2018) second season, at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend… and yeah, we’re going to need a while to mull this one over.

Evan Rachel Wood as Delores in the Season two trailer. Image credit: Den of Geek

Westworld has always been a bit of a brain puzzle (understatement of the year), and following the season one finale, we certainly had a barnful of questions. The following trailer did little to answer said questions, if not evoke a whole host (pun unintended) of further enquiries…

Why is Bernard standing over a dead tiger? Did he enter another park, and could this mean we will be introduced to ‘Samurai World’ this season? Is Delores a cold-blooded killer now? Is Maeve a cold-blooded killer too or is she merely admiring the handiwork of Hector and Armistice? Either way, it looks as though Dr. Ford’s posthumous master plan is running right on schedule and the hosts have assumed a position of authority over the park(s). Check out this super helpful breakdown by Erik Voss, explaining the season one finale.

Evan Rachel Wood as Delores, and Jimmi Simpson as William in Westworld. Image credit: ScreenCrush

Now that you’re all caught up, hang on to your cowboy hats because we still have until 2018 for the premiere. HBO has been tight-lipped on a specific release date thus far, but us nerds at FIB will keep you updated!