The Preatures Are Back With a Funky Single And An Adventurous Video

The Preatures have become that old friend that you haven’t seen in a while, yet everything is great when you reunite. With their last album release being in 2014 and a couple of single drops this year, they are back with another single and an adventurous new video to feast your eyes and ears on.

The Preatures. Photo Credit: FBi Radio

As of 2017, The Preatures have released 3 singles some of which you might have heard of. ‘Your Fan’ and ‘Girlhood’ were released earlier in the year with ‘Girlhood’ getting a sweet little video to accompany the band’s return for this year. While these tracks didn’t quite reach the same peaks that some of their big works like ‘Is This How You Feel?’ and ‘It Gets Better’ did, The Preatures are off to a good start. They are also touring the country next month on their Girlhood National Tour and we are definitely snagging ourselves some tickets.

Photo Credit: Houselist

The band have released another whopper titled ‘Yanada’ complete with a magical video clip. Directed by Nick Lachajczak and filmed mostly underwater, the clip is also a powerful tribute to the Indigenous history and heritage of Sydney.

The clip is about discovering a new world when you are forced to look at things differently. Isabella Manfredi explains “When you first try to open your eyes in the ocean, it stings and everything seems blurry, but if you persist, your eyes adjust to the saltiness, things start becoming clearer and a whole new world begins to open up.” The song is also a special collaboration between Isabella Manfredi and Darug song woman Jacinta Tobin, who helped open up Manfredi’s (metaphorical) eyes to the importance of First Peoples’ language.

It begins with two young teenagers running around an enchanted-like forest with steamy lakes and colourful trees. The girls are seen holding hands and moving quite close highlighting the sense of inclusion for all and happiness within. The video transitions to a scene where the adventurous bunch jump into the water playing with shell necklaces and seaweed pieces. As they dance around under the water, the beautiful vocals of Isabella Manfredi sing “I open up my eyes underwater”. The visuals for the clip play with kaleidoscope effects that make the colours and movements pop and you just can’t look away. Overall, the song, the video and the vibe have reminded us all why we love The Preatures.

To see the full video, see below. Tickets to The Preatures Girlhood National Tour are on sale now on their website.