Top 5 Rick and Morty Quotes To Sass Up Your Everyday Vernacular

Sparked by quite possibly the greatest episode of all time (and an attempt to ride out the high of Monday’s double header of destruction induced by Pickle Rick and Daenerys), we’ve trawled through Rick and Morty to bring you five underrated (but nevertheless useful) quotes you can sling into your everyday conversation – taking your ‘tude from teen dweeb to intergalactic improvisational menace. 

Up your sass game with these underrated quotes. Image credit: Gizmodo Australia

5. “Geez, you working on your tight five for the comedy store, Morty?”

This little ditty is probably the most dynamic quote to store in your arsenal and can be seamlessly applied to any number of situations. For example:

a) A colleague recounts yet another unfunny story about their snotty kids,

b) Some dude brags about his sexual encounters,

c) A doctor recommends having only four standard drinks at any one time.

“You working on your tight five for the comedy store, Morty?” Image credit: Adult Swim

Use sparingly: Sandra in accounting remembers everything.

4. “You let your wiener do the walking, and now I’m dead.”

A helpful quote to guilt trip your best pal and/or dweeby grandson after they smoke bomb you for a babe, and you end up drinking yourself into oblivion to escape the pain of rejection and overwhelming loneliness… or shot in the liver.

“You let your wiener do the walking, and now I’m dead.” Image credit: Adult Swim

3. “Get that parkour!”

A perfect little gem for when you’re whipping out your sweet parkour skills around town, or you know, participating in any general physical activity. Bonus points if used in the bedroom.

“Get that parkour!” all around town. Image credit: Nerdist

2. “He crawls from bowls of cold soup to steal the dreams of wasteful children.”

A quote reserved explicitly for describing current Australian politicians and/or lecherous Tinder dates.

Save this one for all the creeps you encounter. Image credit: Adult Swim

1. “Morty, stop digging for layers and just be impressed.”

Ugh, we’re so sick of everyone over analysing everything all the time. So a celebrity decides they don’t want to wear a bra today! Why does everyone feel the need to constantly excavate for hidden meaning in everyday banality? Rick turned himself into a freakin’ pickle with a rodent exoskeleton – just be impressed for Meeseeks sakes!

“Just be impressed, Morty” Image credit: Adult Swim

Here’s to hoping the rest of this season gifts us with even more stinging insults and proverbial gems. After all, that’s the waaaaaay the news goes!