FIB Westerosi Weekly: 4 Times Game of Thrones Went Peak Millennial On Us This Season

And so, the seventh season’s watch has ended. If there was ever a Game of Thrones season that encapsulated the true meaning and emotion of millennial life it was this one, baby. Let us take a stroll back through the dragon pit of emotions and attributes the D.B Weiss and David Benioff poached from their largely millennial audience.

Spoilers ahead! Get to steppin’ if you’re not caught up.

Image credit: Ashleigh Douglas

Insatiable thirst for memes

Remember back in the third season when Davos packed Gendry off in a rowboat, and we assumed he had been rowing laps around Westeros ever since? How could you forget, there were memes a’plenty referencing Robert’s bastard and his bulging ‘ceps! Well, the Thrones showrunners were clearly paying attention slash delving into Tumblr for material when they wrote Gendry’s return.

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Oh, they went there. Weiss and Benioff smashed the fourth wall and dipped a toe in the ever growing pond that is millennial meme-life; serving us a tasty nod to the longest rowing joke of the series. And who better but from the lips of Flea Bottom funny-man, Davos.

Sean Bean knows what’s up. Image credit: Imgflip

Unrelenting millennial sass

Image credit: Ashleigh Douglas

Olenna Tyrell, aka the aptly named Queen of Thorns, was irrefutably the symbol of our generation’s unique skill to dress down our enemies using 140 characters or less.

Her untimely demise hit us almost as hard in the feels as losing 10 followers. Nevertheless her final revelations (re: Joffrey’s murder) were just as savage as her everyday snark. Can you imagine if Olenna had Twitter? Literal. Shivers.

Resilience in the face of adversity 

Jorah’s timely and somewhat miraculous survival of greyscale could very well be a metaphor for the way in which our generation persists in the face of social and economic adversity, literal chronic illness and eternal friendzoning.

“Welp. At least life couldn’t possibly get any worse right now.” Image credit: Nerdist

From daily doses of inequality spat from the ivory towers of our own government, to the emotional toll borne of the perpetual indecision between throwing a few coins at a smashed avo or your first home… add to that, the ever-increasing global tension exacerbated by Cheetos-hued barbarians and racist clowns masquerading as politicians. It’s no wonder we turn to the political foibles and warfare of Thrones for an escape!

Appreciation of the finer things in life…

Need we say more?

Sadly, with the seventh season ending – on a literal cliff hanger for a few of our faves – so too has our Westerosi Weekly come to a close. With season eight rumoured to return in 2018 or as late as 2019, let us set aside some time to ruminate on the guilt of aggressively pining for Jon and Dany’s consummation (ahem, incest), and bask in the gifs of Kit Harington’s glorious derriere.

Missed our previous Westerosi ramblings? Row this way to catch up. Not a millennial but still resonated with this season of Game of Thrones? What were your favourite moments? Drop us a raven or two below.