5 Makeup Queens Show How Makeup is Modern Art

With thousands of makeup tutorials being uploaded daily, the world is becoming more and more exposed to the magical world of makeup, and with that comes the exposure of makeup artists showing off their next-level skill to create modern works of art…

Whether taking a political stance by encouraging ‘the power of makeup’, or providing pure entertainment with complete celebrity transformations, makeup is becoming a medium more and more artists use to show off their skill, and we can honestly say the results are sometime works of art. We would go so far as to say that with the tireless hours, training, and money invested into using the nontraditional canvas of a face, the mind-blowing results needs to be appreciated more as modern art in their own right.

So, to get the ball rolling, here are 5 makeup queens showing off their artistic skill through the medium of makeup!

  1. Jordan Hanz – Special Effects Artist
Love Sick Evil Mermaid Makeup Special FX Tutorial. Photo Credit: Jordan Hanz

Special effects Youtuber Jordan Hanz regularly blows away her followers with her wide range of makeup tutorials – from how to be a walking black and white pop artwork to a fake tan chemical burn barbie doll. Her works can be gruesome and at the same time magnificently enchanting. Regardless of what reaction they spark, her works definitely leave you feeling like your next Halloween costume is going to be inadequate in comparison.

Having watched a multitude of her videos (great to binge watch) in an attempt to fathom the idea of trying to DIY, the countless hours of work and practice she puts into making sure every look is both unique and fabulous should be acknowledged. We don’t think we’ve ever seen someone rock green skin as much as her. True art.

  1. NikkiTutorials – Take her Swimming on the First Date
Take Her Swimming on the First Date. Photo Credit: Nikkitutorials

Queen of YouTube makeup tutorials, Nikkitutorials uses her online platform to take a stance against the meme of taking women swimming on their first date so their beautiful works of face art are washed away to reveal their ‘true selves’. Working off the premise that our mind gets tricked into believing what we see, commenting on the beauty industry seems to be at the core of this work.

Nikki has been one of the few artists to tackle the issue in such a creative, colourful and witty way. Taking inspiration from synchronised swimmers, she aims to a) really “take your makeup to the next level”, b) make a statement, keeping in mind that a swimmer’s makeup needs to be so lit “even the back row” can see it, and c) make sure your makeup stays on if you go swimming on your date.

The whole video is hilarious as she makes subtle jabs at the idea, really showing off how makeup isn’t just about enhancing your natural features with glitter and $30 mascara, but rather what most modern art aims to do, and that’s fightin’ the man! Go girl!

  1. Lucia Pittalis (@lucia_pittalis) – Transformations Makeup
Lucia Pittalis Queen Elizabeth Transformation. Photo Credit: Lifestyle

You’ve probably seen Instagram artist Lucia Pittalis’ work floating about somewhere in your travels across the world wide web, and if you haven’t, prepared to be amazed. Pittalis uses her makeup skills to transform herself into literally any celebrity or character. Literally.

From Rambo to Queen Elizabeth to Frank’n’Furter, you’re jaw is going to drop as you watch her transformations, trying to figure out how she’s able to change the bone structure of her face or make herself appear 30 years older. If this isn’t an example of how makeup is a form of art, then take me back to art school. Pure talent.

  1. Jazmina Daniel (@missjazminad) – Lip Art
Festive Lips. Photo Credit: Jazmina Daniel.

Sydney-based makeup artist Jazmina Daniel has gone viral after posting some of her amazing lip art. From The Wizard of Oz to Finding Nemo, there appears to be no scene Jazmina can’t draw on the miniature canvas of lips. Her work is often inspired by movies and TV shows, and she continually stuns her 1.2 million followers with regular uploads that take lips to the next level. She uses a range of different pigments and colours as well as adding rhinestones or chains to her looks to mix up the medium, and the results will bring a smile to your lips haha.

While the practicality of Jazmina’s works could at times be placed in the ‘not so much for daily life’ zone, you can definitely appreciate her talent and skill in drawing and the über-creative use of lips as her chosen canvas.

  1. Daisy Weigt (@dwglamgeek) – Liquid Lipstick Swatches
Arm Swatches. Photo Credit: Teen Vogue.

Beauty blogger Daisy Weigt uses the power of liquid lipsticks instead of a pen to create some artistic lipstick swatches on her arm. If you’re unfamiliar with swatches, makeup artists usually swipe a line on their arm to show the pigment of the product on skin, but Daisy is taking this industry preview to a whole new level.

She takes inspiration from a wide variety of movies like Mean Girls or Harry Potter, doing simple drawings like cats or elephants to show off a product’s pigment. They’re not only well drawn, but super adorable!

And with that dear reader, we rest our case. After this we can all agree that 1) makeup should definitely be appreciated as modern art, and 2) you should be inspired enough now to get your brushes ready, open up 50 makeup tutorial tabs, and get practising on becoming your own truly fabulous zombie Alice in Wonderland work of art this coming Halloween.