Wafia Brings ‘Bodies’ Together For Syrian Refugee Conflict

Brisbane-based artist Wafia has released another treat from her forthcoming EP, bringing us ‘Bodies’ – a personal tale of her family’s struggle as Syrian refugees.

Image credit: Broadly

Wafia Al-Rikabi, known professionally as Wafia, was born in the Netherlands to Iraqi and Syrian parents. Now based in Brisbane, Wafia shares the experiences of her extended family as they faced “grief, trauma and displacement” as Syrian refugees.

Speaking to Broadly, Wafia explained that ‘Bodies’ was penned on the day her extended family were denied refugee status by the Australian government.

“I saw my mom doing paperwork, taking calls, and following up for about a year… then, in one single letter, they were denied everything. It wasn’t just one of them—it was my whole family. I saw how much that broke my mom and my family.”

With lyrics like “How did it become so serious / Something in the air is dangerous / Everybody here is watching us” juxtaposed with her signature pop sound, Wafia aims to educate and inform those concerned with the Syrian conflict. ‘Bodies’ cohesively weaves a call to action to reflect on life outside of our own ignorance and naivety, whilst bringing humankind together through the power of music.

It’s all too easy for us to forget the atrocities that are continually occurring overseas, particularly when we are too busy bickering over issues that seriously pale in comparison to those suffered by refugees. Wafia reminds us that we need to take a step back from our self-purported issues and lend a thought – and even a hand – to our international brethren. We are all, in the end, just ‘Bodies’.

Wrap your ears around ‘Bodies’ below, and keep an eye out for Wafia’s forthcoming EP VIII due for release on 13th of October.

And if you’re around town this month, Wafia is gifting us with a few shows in the lead up to the EP release. Dates are as follows,

 September 23rd – Riverstage (supporting London Grammar), Brisbane
September 29th – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
October 5th – Corner Hotel, Melbourne