Kita Alexander Drops Video To Conclude ‘Hotel’ Sojourn

Byron Bay local Kita Alexander has released the “final piece” to the story that envelopes her beautifully calming yet ultra-catchy tune ‘Hotel’.

Image credit: Music Insight

‘Hotel’, the title track of her second EP, was released earlier this year through Warner Music Australia. This equally stirring and incredibly uplifting track is a deeply intimate dedication to Kita’s late sister Natassja Claire. Befittingly, the accompanying video for the track depicts the ‘love-story line’ of two sisters as they frolic between the beach and farm on a spontaneous adventure.

The video was directed and shot by Ashley Schumann on location in Kita’s hometown of Byron Bay. The tousled hair, barefoot and carefree frolicking of two sisters bestirs the fantasy of departing on a spontaneous sojourn with your best friend. Kita explains,

“These movies I have in my mind of my sister and I together were never filmed in real life, so to be able to re-create the memories and be able to live them whenever I watch the video, is really special to me.”

‘Hotel’ hasn’t budged from the Australian Spotify Top 200 since its debut in May. This doesn’t come as any surprise since her debut EP Like You Want was hastily picked up by The Guardian, NME and i-D.

Image credit: Kita Alexander Youtube

Speaking to Pilerats a few months ago, Kita announced that she would be focusing on her new family for the time being, however, we could potentially expect a tour later in the year.

At only 21 years of age, Kita is undoubtedly on the fast-track to success. Whether that will arise from her ‘atmospheric synth-pop sound’ or her burgeoning young family, it’s safe to say this extremely talented woman is smashing it on all fronts.

Check out the video for ‘Hotel’ below.