The King Of Horror Still Has It: Netflix To Gift Us ‘Gerald’s Game’ Adaptation

At first glance, it appeared as though 2017 was gunning to be the ‘Year of the Badass Woman’ – but we’ve since come to realise that a nomination for ‘Year of Stephen King Revivals’ isn’t far behind. Hot off the back of IT‘s phenomenal success, filmmaker Mike Flanagan has jumped aboard the King supernova and teamed up with Netflix to adapt Gerald’s Game.

Carla Gugino plays Jessie. Image credit: Slashfilm

Director Mike Flanagan (HushOuija: Origin of Evil) is Hansel-so-hot-right-now in his own right, so it only makes sense that he would jump aboard King’s runaway train. Teaming up with Netflix, Flanagan adapted King’s 1992 novel Gerald Game – a literary mindfuck that no director has dared adapt before.

Speaking with The AV Club, Flanagan admitted that he read Gerald’s Game as a 19-year-old and had been planning a film version ever since. The tale predominantly unfolds within the mind of protagonist, Jessie as she sits handcuffed to her bed after her husband Gerald expires of a heart attack mid-kinky sex. Jessie’s trauma unfurls as she sits in silence and memories of her past sexual violation and emotional torment at the hands of Gerald overwhelm her. The film explores dark themes such as emotional and physical abuse, and the silencing of women.

Carla Gugino reprises the role of Jessie, and by all accounts has done the heroine justice. However, Variety‘s review of the film interestingly paints Bruce Greenwood’s portrayal of ‘Gerald’ as the most valuable piece in the puzzle that is King’s arduous thriller. The film played at Fantastic Fest to great applause, earlier this year. The horror/thriller flick is sitting on an impressive 9.3 rating on IMDB, so we’re chomping at the bit for a taste of Flanagan’s adaptation.

Gerald’s Game is scheduled for release on Netflix this coming Friday, 29th of September.