Ellery Pounces Off The Catwalk and Onto Screens At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Ellery has crept from the traditional catwalk showcase in favour of displaying her SS18 collection virtually, albeit, dramatically, on four giant LCD screens. 

The Perth-born fashion designer wowed Paris Fashion Week attendees with an innovative alternative to the usual runway trope; instead, showing her latest collection via video display.

The idea to supplement runway shows with rich media is far from new, but an entire show based on the screen? It’s a fresh take, and one that undoubtedly appeals to tech-addicts.

Ellery – a retail assistant-cum-fashion designer – always had an advantage catering to the needs of her target market, “that was where I learned what women look for in the fitting room.”

So it comes as no surprise then that her fashion shows reflect her forward-thinking; compensating for a society hard pressed to spend five minutes away from the screen.

Check out Ellery’s SS18 Collection below! What do you think we can expect from runway shows in the future?