Your Fave DC Superheroes Are Returning To Consume Your Life Once Again

The four shows of Greg Berlanti’s ‘Arrowverse’ are returning three nights a week. A moment of silence for those poor souls who have trouble keeping up with just one of them.

Source: Vulture

Move over, Halloween. October now means that all of your favourite TV shows are returning! Stranger Things and The Walking Dead lead the pack, but the Arrowverse (the shared fictional universe which houses all the DC TV goodness) isn’t far behind.

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are all coming back this week, starting with Supergirl on Monday the 9th (Tuesday for those of us in Aus). We have the breakdown of each upcoming season below!


The Girl of Steel is taking a darker turn this season. In the first trailer for Season 3, she completely rejects her secret identity, Kara Danvers, after sending her boyfriend into space at the end of Season 2. As we all do at some point. The theme for this season is what it means to be human, and Kara isn’t the only character who will be struggling with that balance.

We’ll also see the introduction of the brand new villain, Reign. According to actress Odette Annable, it’s unlike any Supergirl villain we’ve seen before. Also, she has a young daughter, which only adds to the drama. Complex female villains? Sign me up. This show is known for its abundance of female badassery, so more of that, please.

What we know: Cat Grant will return (!!!), James will receive a new love interest (I’m still bitter about him and Kara), and it may be over for fan favourites Alex and Maggie due to Floriana Lima’s availability.

The Flash

The Flash is usually pretty dramatic, and last season was no exception. Barry, as self-sacrificing as ever, chooses to go into the Speed Force in order to save the city and atone for creating the alternate timeline, Flashpoint. The trailer for Season 4 shows that Barry does return (obviously), but he’s not the same man he once was. It’ll take the whole of Team Flash to keep things together until his return.

Harrison Wells will be returning, but like every season, it’s probably a completely different version of him than the last. Tom Felton isn’t returning as Julian Albert, which is a shame. However, there will be a bunch of brand new villains to look forward to. Also, the season’s overall villain won’t be a speedster like Barry, which is probably the most refreshing part about this new season.

What we know: Barry has been gone for six months when the season starts, Iris steps up as team leader in his absence, and characters like Wally and Cisco are now at the forefront when it comes to fighting crime in Central City.

Legends of Tomorrow

Ah, our favourite band of time-travelling misfits. When we left off in Season 2, there were dinosaurs in Los Angeles. Not a great way to start a new year. It would be surprising, except these guys are always breaking time in one way or another. This show is a personal favourite of mine, mostly because it’s just utterly ridiculous. Also, Caity Lotz is a certified badass. I presume there will be just as much excitement in the upcoming season, as well as more time to ruin.

In casting news, Muslim-American hero, Zari Adrianna Tomaz (or Isis), from the year 2030 will be jumping on board the Waverider. It’s about time, because we really do need more women on the team. This whole 3-1 ratio just isn’t cool anymore. Also, Julius Caesar will join the list of historical figures that the show has brought on board.

What we know: Leonard Snart will be back (which is always a blessing), Sara may receive a new love interest, and Damien Darhk (the man who just won’t go away) will be returning once again as a villain. Sara, you really should’ve killed him when you had the chance.


After an explosive Season 5 finale, Team Arrow is back in action and ready for the next chapter. After the events that take place on the island, Oliver has to come back and resume juggling himself and the Green Arrow. Stephen Amell has said that family is the main theme of the season. Considering Oliver’s a father now, I would say that description is apt. Six seasons is a lot of television, so I’m curious to see if they can keep it interesting.

Many familiar faces seem to be rejoining the Arrow cast this season. Manu Bennett is definitely returning, along with Katie Cassidy. There are rumours that Colton Haynes may even be back as fan favourite Roy Harper. The team will continue to expand as characters like William and Dinah receive more prominent roles.

What we know: This season will include flashbacks of Season 5 (it wouldn’t be Arrow if it didn’t), Katie Cassidy is returning as Earth 2’s Black Siren (it’s not Laurel but we’ll take what we can get), and multiple villains will be after Team Arrow this year (unlike the usual one Big Bad per season).

Supergirl airs Mondays, The Flash and Legends on Tuesdays, and Arrow on Thursdays. Don’t forget to catch the big four-way crossover event ‘Crisis on Earth X’ beginning November 27th.
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