Rae Morris’ ‘Do It’ the Millennial Answer To ‘Eye Of The Tiger’

Let’s face it, 2016 was a dismal year for music, but thankfully 2017 got the memo. And so did Rae Morris, apparently! I heard she was all like, “we could write a duet, or instead babe we could just do it?” And boy, did she do it.

Want that ice cream? Rae says just ‘Do It’. Image credit: Promo News

An electro-pop artist hailing from the UK, Rae Morris has released the video accompaniment for her catchy-as-all-hell track, ‘Do It’. Directed by Noel Paul (Bat For Lashes, Röyksopp) the clip sees Rae frolicking around the streets of NYC with a posse of equally stylish pals and cute puppers in tow. Noel Paul perfectly depicts Rae’s whimsical style, whilst simultaneously willing you to sing along with the irrefutably catchy track. Trust me, you will just “do it, do it, do it…”

Speaking about the second release from her forthcoming sophomore album, Rae gushes that ‘Do It’ was a dare to herself; she explains, “it’s about daring to take a risk and choosing to take the more exciting route!”. After a string of single EP releases with Atlantic Records, and a handful of collaborations with Clean Bandit, Bombay Bicycle Club, Fakear, Kaytranada and Rejjie Snow, 25-year-old Rae is emerging with a more refined and developed sound.

[Do It] kind of exists as a part two of Cold from my first album Unguarded. It’s what happens when you go back into the studio to make more music. Do you write another duet and do a similar thing, or take a risk and do something you’ve never done before? It’s also pretty damn sexy!

Look, it’s a bloody big call and I’m bound to garner a bit of criticism for it, but ‘Do It’ is pretty much the millennial version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. This track has fast become one of my ‘most played’ on Spotify, with each loop acting as a cattle prod to my inherent procrastination. Seriously, the uplifting ‘Nike-esque’ mantra motivated me to smash out a college assignment I had been sitting on for about three months. Rae, girl, you’re an absolute godsend!

I dare you to watch this clip and tell me you don’t start singing along.