Willow Beats Reminds Us To Tend Our Own Flowerbeds With Latest Clip

Melbourne-based electronic duo Willow Beats have dropped a new clip for their latest and equally ethereal track, reminding us to ‘Be Kind To Yourself’.

Image credit: Willow Beats | YouTube

Directed and edited by Oren Kanski Lavie, the clip portrays the dreamlike, fairytale deterioration of what appears to be a corpse. The dead-eyed woman lays motionless in the clearing of a lush forest landscape; with each passing moment her lifeless body becomes adorned in brightly coloured fungi and intricately woven veins. As vocalist Kalyani’s lilting chorus repeats, ‘be kind to yourself / flowerbed’, it isn’t a stretch to imagine this woman’s body is gradually returning to the earth following her demise.

Superficially, this clip is a lesson in the painstaking measures makeup and production assistants must endure to curate such a sensitive aesthetic. And to create a clip that visually supplements the haunting synths synonymous with Willow Beats? A feat in itself!

Beyond the visually pleasing production, I can’t help but wonder if this track is a comment on our need to stay ‘grounded’, and stay in touch with nature – as eventually, all our lifeless shells will return to the earth. In a time of mindless littering and mass-pollution, we should ‘stay woke’ in the fight for our environment. It’s easy to lapse into an unconscious and glazed-over mentality that Mother Nature will fix herself, and in turn our environmental woes will magically be rectified. Na-uh, honey. Willow Beats’ latest clip reminds us that in order to “be kind your yourself”,  tend to your own flowerbeds.

Feast your eyes on the ‘spore-gasbord’ that is, ‘Be Kind To Yourself’ by Willow Beats.