The Perfect Burger Could Be At Your Fingertips!

Aussies love a burger: whether it’s a healthy one from Grill’d or a greasy homage to America from Charlie & Co. Now the art of burger making is going directly to diners with Bar Luca’s new DIY burger bar! 

Image credit: Charlie & Co.

The burger: a thing of beauty and deliciousness. I would say let’s thank the maker, but there are so many claims as to who invented it that the list would topple a tree! Whoever it was, I say thanks because the advent of a juicy patty between two buns has been a reliable rescue from hunger and hangovers for decades!

Aussies in particular have a real fondness for the noble burger, as shown by the numerous burger bars around the country, its appearance as a staple on practically every restaurant and bar menu, and the glorious, greasy snapshots that constantly fill up Instagram. We can even play Masterchef at McDonald’s with the Gourmet Creations menu.

Now, we have another reason to be excited about lunching out. As of October 23rd Bar Luca will be setting up shop in Sydney’s trendy inner west, treating customers to create their own burgers! The bar, aptly named ‘Loaded’, offers diners the chance to be as picky, health conscious, or rampant as they please with their filling choices. The way it works is quite Subway-esque with your choice of base (patty, hot dog, tater tots, onion rings, fries, corn chips, or mac ‘n’ cheese) piled with whatever toppings you’re craving.

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For Bar Luca founders, James and Sarah Robbins, it’s a chance to be as creative and wild as their customers; shifting away from their traditional burger bars, but remaining true to their style of cuisine and adding more to the dining experience. And they could not have picked a more perfect site. Considered one of Sydney’s most trendy areas, Newtown is the home to some of the city’s best bars and bistros, as well as vintage clothing stores, and the Dendy Theatre. Now, it’s the perfect destination for a night out!

With its ‘all about you’ approach to burger and hotdog creation, Loaded offers its customers more than a nice dining experience. It’s the chance to get crazy with your comfort food! Have that egg, bacon, French fries, and kimchi burger you’ve always wanted or stick to a traditional beef, cheese, and pickle. The choice is yours!