‘Justice League’ Released Five Super Featurettes You’d Be Batty Not To See

In case you needed a reminder (not likely, we know you’ve been counting down) Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash will be blowing up our screens in just over two weeks time. But to tide you over until then, DC has kindly released five featurettes based on each hero and quite frankly, we can’t deal. 

Source: Warner Bros

The featurettes detail a little background into how each hero joins the team. Batman and Wonder Woman create the Justice League, with Gal Gadot stating that Wonder Woman is “the glue of the team, and she makes every one of them feel stronger and capable”. Ben Affleck teases “the evolution of a new Batman” when the caped crusader realises he can’t save the world alone.

The Flash (Ezra Miller) is not only the comic relief of the team, but brings the metahuman aspect to it. Miller says that The Flash is “the youngest member of the Justice League but also the coolest” and it seems that Batman may become a mentor to him. Half-Atlantean hero Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is from another world entirely, and has to learn to find his place within the team.

Lastly, there’s Cyborg (Ray Fisher), who has advanced alien technology on his side in order to make him superhuman. He’s a unique addition to the team, as Fisher states he can “interface with any form of technology” and he’s also a weapons expert.

Also, Henry Cavill’s Superman is supposed to make an appearance. With a team like this, who stands a chance, right?

You can find the rest of the featurettes right here. Who are you most excited to see in the Justice League on November 17th? Comment below!