Toni Garrn X Vestiaire Collective – Making Fashion Matter

International Supermodel Antonia “Toni” Garrn has partnered with Vestiaire Collective, the go-to online platform for reclaimed luxury goods, in what was a triumphant moment for charitable fashion. Calling on the help of the world’s top models, the site unveiled a who’s – who of designer pieces, all donated, all with a story to tell and the best news is – 100% of the proceeds are directed to empowering women in underdeveloped nations. 

Toni entered the industry at a young age, discovered at only 13 whilst in attendance of the FIFA World Cup in her hometown of Hamburg. Her star was quick to rise under New York agency Women Management and at just 15, she secured a coveted runway spot and campaign for Calvin Klein over the 2008-2009 seasons. The following year Toni would break exclusivity with the label, walking over 60 runways for major brands, dominating the catwalk and forming a formidable social network. In 2011, Toni garnered wings when she joined the rank of ‘angel’ for lingerie power-house Victoria’s Secret, walking in their world-famous end of season shows for three-years running. With over a million followers on Instagram, numerous covers and appearances in world class publications like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, she easily placed herself among the top 50 models in the world according to

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The now twenty-five-year-old six-foot Scandinavian, commands a level of maturity and empathy rarely seen in one so young. She has sponsored children for the past decade and now works directly with NGO Plan International, a program which aids in the protection of children’s rights. In 2014, Toni became their ambassador for Because I am a Girl, a global rights campaign which pulled focus on female advancement. Bolstered by the experience, her desire to do more led to the formation of the Toni Garrn Foundation in 2016. The foundation aims to bring education and vital infrastructure to African women, most of whom are young girls, in order to improve their quality of life. In statement with Vestiaire Collective Toni discusses the impetus behind the charity:

‘Most young girls do not know how to read or write, let alone know what human rights they have. For example, women have free access to birth control but many girls don’t know this or they are too afraid to ask for it. The Toni Garrn Foundation therefore aims to helps these girls access their rights to an education and become more informed about things like this.’.

Source: Toni Garrn Foundation .org

In 2017, Vestiaire Collective dedicated a space from their online shop as well as holding pop-up stores across Europe in promotion of the Garrn Foundation. With the proceeds of the sale going towards the foundations current objective of building on campus accommodation, for safe and direct access to education sites. The format for the Charity Shop is a large-scale version of Garrn’s 2015 brainchild The Supermodel Flea Market. According to the foundation’s website, the idea formed organically, with the Supermodel’s own wardrobe overflowing in designer goods – gifts of the trade! She took them to NYC citizens in a one-day shopping event and raised $20,000 for charity in the process.

The drawcard for ‘The Supermodel Charity’ (as if you needed more persuasion) is that all items have once been owned/donned and imparted by the worlds’ modelling elites. From model Jess Hart spinning an Oscar De La Renta dress, to celebrity Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hot pink Michael Kors number, you could find yourself owning a piece of fashion-history and all for a very good cause. Style Icon Kate Moss has also contributed, much to the surprise of Garrn herself, who has yet to meet Moss personally.

These models are breaking down stereotypes – stepping away from the vapid and unrelatable perceptions of models and the luxury fashion world and in its place, lies an altruistic community that has banded together to make fashion ‘matter’ more. Three years on from her first ‘Supermodel Flea Market’ Garrn sees this endeavour with Vestiaire Collective as only the beginning, with it’s potential to reach a global scale now a viable reality.

Source: Vestiaire Collective .com


Women helping women, is more than a catch-cry Toni Garrn; she is putting her enormous social influence to serious use and the fashion world, like the world at large, is better for it!

For most of you hearing about this for the first time this moment will be bitter-sweet with most pieces SOLD OUT! But if you hurry – you can still find yourself with access to the foundations own ‘Girl Empower’ shirt or one of Garrn’s own personal donations. Click Here.