Gal Gadot Won’t Appear in ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Unless Brett Ratner Gets The Boot

Gal Gadot is out here proving that she’s a real life Wonder Woman by standing up for the waves of sexual assault victims in Hollywood.

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In a bold and very badass move, Gal Gadot has allegedly stated that she won’t sign on for the next Wonder Woman film unless Brett Ratner is completely removed from the franchise. She also recently backed out of a dinner involving Ratner where she was supposed to present him with an award. It’s exactly the kind of stand that Hollywood needs right now, and it’s certainly a brave one.

Ratner’s production company currently has a deal with Warner Bros., and helped produce Wonder Woman, for which he apparently made a nice amount of money. He was recently dragged into the post-Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations when multiple women came forward against him, but this isn’t the beginning of his bad behaviour. He has made multiple homophobic remarks in the past as well, one that cost him a job at the 2012 Oscars.

Considering Gadot is literally Wonder Woman and can’t really be replaced, things don’t look great for Ratner. It’s nice to see that women finally have some power in these situations and are using it to the fullest extent. Reps from neither party have commented on the news, but the idea of Warner Bros. having Ratner work on another female empowerment film is just a disaster waiting to happen.

All these exploitative men actually being punished for their actions? It’s a breath of fresh air for this gal.

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