Why On Earth Did We Let Joss Whedon Near Wonder Woman?

After reading Joss Whedon’s potential Wonder Woman script from years ago (you know, the one where she’s repeatedly called obscenities and every man is trying to pull her clothes off), you’d think Hollywood would’ve learned their lesson.

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I won’t lie, red flags were raised the moment Joss Whedon became Zack Snyder’s replacement as the director for Justice League. Considering Whedon managed to change around 20% of the film in the time that he was there and had a hand in writing it, it seems people had a right to be concerned.

Diana Prince is the only woman in the Justice League, and a role model for female empowerment everywhere. There was really no need to make her an object. However, that’s exactly what’s been done. Not only that, but pigeonholing her as the love interest for Bruce Wayne is insulting to Patty Jenkins’ masterpiece of an origin film released earlier this year. When Diana’s not semi-flirting with a soulless Ben Affleck, she’s the mother hen to the band of misfits he seemingly plucked from nowhere. Somehow, she’s managed to re-represent the two most boring, done to death Hollywood tropes in one fell swoop.

Of course, actress Gal Gadot shines despite the shoddy material she’s been given, but it’s too hard not to compare it to the groundbreaking Wonder Woman film. Diana spends many of her scenes mentioning or showing grief for Steve Trevor, including a lovely scene where Bruce throws it in her face. By this point, Steve died literally a hundred years ago, I highly doubt Diana will break down in the middle of battle just because she misses him.

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If we take a look at Justice League alone, Diana Prince is a weak love interest who is eye candy for the rest of her teammates. Even her physical abilities seem to be weakened just so Superman is able to save the day. Bruce is also the poster child for mansplaining and honestly, it’s tiring.

It’s time to stop praising Whedon for giving us Buffy. Sure, this latest result can’t entirely be his fault, but you don’t need to go to the Wikipedia page to realise there were no women writing or directing this film. She’s Wonder Woman, you really don’t have to zoom in on her butt or boobs in every single scene to make her interesting. With Joss at the the helm, it’s two steps back on what was a promising leap with the genre and gender de-steryotyping. Let’s just hope they learn their lesson with this one and do more justice to the female  lead from here-on in.

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