Future Princess Meghan Has Some Decisions To Make

Prince William is said to be popping the question to girlfriend, Meghan Markle very, very soon. And we can’t wait to see the fashion bonanza (and general furor) that will result!

Getting married into the Royal Family is attached to profound expectations and judgement. Especially when everything to do with your wedding will be set side by side with your older brother, Prince William and his 2011 marriage to the fashion-perfect Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The build up to Prince William and Kate’s wedding attracted a remarkable amount of media attention, and of course, was the biggest thing in royal news since the 1981 marriage of William’s parents. The wedding ceremony was viewed live by tens of millions of people around the world and reached a total of 36.7 million people via ripple effect. Talk about all eyes on you!

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There are questions we’re all bursting with in anticipation. Will Prince Harry’s wedding be anything like Prince Williams? Will the hype of a second royal wedding in the span of 7 years possibly compare to the first? When and where will they tie the knot? Who will be invited? Where will they dash off to for their honeymoon? And most importantly… What will Meghan Markle wear?!

British designer Sarah Burton was the brains behind Kate Middleton’s gorgeous wedding dress in 2011. She is a highly regarded fashion designer and creative director of well-known fashion brand, Alexander McQueen. She was named in Time 100, the annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. But lets never forget how amazing that long-sleeved, lace gown was, made especially for Kate for her big day. This dress is so remarkable that it is kept on display at Buckingham palace for exhibition, like a work of art in a museum, along with Kate’s tiara (which was the Queen’s) and her shoes and bouquet of flowers. Looks like the magic of that wedding day hasn’t worn off and probably never will… until someone else steals the show. And I think Harry and his bride-to-be are next in line for the show-stealing.

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Meghan Markle, being a gorgeous actress and model, would have many of us thinking she could wear anything and pull it off. Although there have been rumours that this wedding will be unlike any other royal wedding and ‘will not follow convention’, according to palace staff briefing, I’m sure that the Prince’s future wife will refuse to wear just any old dress. With the help of established bridal couture designers like Jenny Packham and Elie Saab, combined with Meghan’s personal favourites Erdem and Berardi, we’re sure she is bound to create something magnificent. Speculation arises on how simple or how extravagant the dress will be, but with Markle’s love for a rather simply aesthetic, we’re likely to see her opt for a simply but elegant and delicately embroidered dress.

We’ve highlighted a few dresses we thought would suit the future Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. And Meghan, if you’re reading this, you’re very welcome.

From Elie Saab’s 2018 Spring Collection:

Image Credit: Elie Saab’s 2018 Spring Collection

From Jenny Packmans 2018 Bridal Collection:

Image credit: Jenny Packman’s 2018 Bridal Collection
Image credit: Jenny Packman’s 2018 Bridal Collection

And yes, the pants are not very conventional, but if ‘unconventional’ is the vibe that Prince Harry and Meghan are going for, something like this would be excitingly suitable, and not to mention, show-stopping.

When Prince Harry finally pops the question, what can we expect? And what in the world will the beautiful Meghan be wearing?