DCTV’s Arrowverse: The Top 8 Costumes

Everyone knows that a good superhero needs a good suit. With DCTV’s annual crossover just around the corner, we’ll be seeing all of the best superhero fashion in one place!

The crossover, entitled ‘Crisis on Earth X’, will boast over a dozen heroes joining forces to save the world. To celebrate, we’ve broken down some of the best superhero fashion in DCTV’s history, both past and present, for your perusal.

Black Canary (Laurel Lance’s Version)

The Canary has had many faces over the years, including both of the Lance sisters. Each costume has had slight differences, but I have to say that Laurel’s is my favourite. It’s sexy, and while it looks really annoying to fight in, it adds the layer of mystery that every self-respecting vigilante needs. Also, I love when a mask actually completes the outfit instead of looking ridiculous. Katie Cassidy can do no wrong, and even her costume as villain Black Siren is something to be envied. As long as they keep throwing leather suits at her, she’ll always look good.

White Canary

Sara’s White Canary costume received an upgrade between seasons, and I’m so glad it did. Actress Caity Lotz explained that it was because the corset she was previously in made it too hard for her to move. Since Lotz does most of her own stunts like the badass she is, it’s probably a good thing. Somehow the new costume is even better than the previous one, as the sleeveless corset has been ditched for a skin-tight jacket. Not only does it look more comfortable, but fashion-wise, it’s a win as well. Also, she’s the only superhero in the crossover who wears white, so she definitely stands out. The Canary sisters have it going on, okay?


This list would be incomplete without the Girl of Steel herself. Supergirl’s suit is classic, and every single detail is downright perfect, even to the point where when alterations to the suit were suggested, actress Melissa Benoist refused. It doesn’t hurt that Benoist looks damn good in it, while also embodying everything Supergirl stands for. Her costume has become an iconic symbol for feminism, with women all around the world donning it for Halloween or comic conventions as a symbol for female empowerment.

Zari Tomaz

I don’t know what it is about Tala Ashe, but she manages to look good in everything. Zari is a brand new addition to the Legends of Tomorrow team, but she’s already managed to have two costumes in the time that she’s been there. Admittedly, I really hoped they would stick with the white one, but it seems she’ll be donning a brand new black suit for the crossover that is equally badass. The white one is more classic and sticks to her comic counterpart, so the black is a nice departure from tradition.

Source: The CW


Okay, while Reign isn’t technically in this crossover, she’s still at large in the Arrowverse, so we’ll let it slide. There’s no way we can ignore her brand new suit, which was recently released in a promotional image. It’s probably one of the best villain suits that the Arrowverse has ever created. It definitely stands out, and it almost stands as polar opposite to Supergirl’s suit. Personally, I’m not too sure about the mask, but it certainly completes the whole terrifying villain look they’re going for.

The Flash

Maybe I’m just really attached to red superhero costumes, but Barry Allen has one of the best suits in the Arrowverse. Like Supergirl’s, it’s classic, and anyone wearing that suit will instantly be recognised as The Flash. The Flash is also one of the few superheroes who is smart enough to cover his face entirely while fighting crime so his secret identity isn’t revealed (I’m looking at you, Supergirl). So not only does Barry look good, but his suit is practical as well.


Firestorm, the combination of Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson and Martin Stein, is a pretty underrated superhero in the Arrowverse. While Firestorm contains both men, it takes on the physical form of Jax wearing the suit. Not only does the suit look good, but it includes a quantum splicer, which is what allows Jax and Stein to split back into their regular selves. Bet your favourite outfit doesn’t have one of those. Plus, we all know that red and yellow go well together. Just ask The Flash!

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Although both of these characters left Legends of Tomorrow quite some time ago (and therefore aren’t in the upcoming crossover), these outfits deserve an honorable mention. Both characters are reincarnations of Egyptian royalty, which is exactly the vibe that their superhero costumes have. What tops it off is the bird-like helmets and the fact that both heroes can sprout wings at will. I’m not one for fancy costumes, but if I were given this one, I wouldn’t turn it down.

There you have it! The best fashion that the Arrowverse has to offer. Check it out in all its glory in the gallery above and tell us, what’s your fave superhero fashion moment…

Hey and don’t forget to watch ‘Crisis on Earth X’, the two night crossover event starting Tuesday, October 28th in Australia. Check out the full trailer above!