TOTO Releases Greatest Hits Remastered Plus Three New Songs

After four decades, thirteen members, seventeen albums, several Grammy Awards and induction into the Musicians Hall of Fame, TOTO is still on the radar, and they’re not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Source: My Global Mind

2017 marks American rock band TOTO’s 40th anniversary. For a band who’s bio reads like a history of drama, death and perennial line-up change, this milestone is no mean feat. Revealing their celebration plans earlier this year, TOTO announced an extensive tour and the release of a brand new, remastered album 40 Trips Around the Sun.

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While TOTO are still on the road for their 2017 Summer tour, the next two years will see them on one of their longest tours yet. Kicking off the 40th anniversary special in February 2018 in Europe, it’s only the first stretch of what’s described as ‘the bands most extensive run in years’, with further dates and locations to be announced soon.

The upcoming album comprises of remastered versions of TOTO’s greatest hits including ‘Africa’, ‘Rosanna’, and ‘Hold The Line’, in addition to three new tracks – ‘Alone’, ‘Spanish Sea’, and ‘Struck By Lightning’. The band reworked unfinished tracks to revive the old songs and inspire the new. Commenting on the composition of ‘Spanish Sea’, TOTO veteran member, Steve Lukather, states:

‘…it’s an heir apparent to an “Africa” kind of a groove. It’s got massive Brian Wilson-like vocals on it. We really went for it. We said, “Well, if we’re going to be over-produced and everybody hates that s*** about us anyway, our fans love it, so let’s give them what they want.” So, we kitchensinked this bad boy!’

The complete track list is as follows (courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock):

‘Spanish Sea’
‘I’ll Supply The Love’
‘I’ll Be Over You’
‘Stranger In Town’
‘Struck By Lightning’
‘Afraid Of Love’
‘I Won’t Hold You Back’
‘Jake To The Bone’
‘Stop Loving You’
‘Hold The Line’
‘Georgy Porgy’

40 Trips Around the Sun is set for worldwide release on February 9th, 2018. It will also be available in high end vinyl at a later date. You can pre-order 40 Trips Around the Sun now, and preview their new track ‘Alone’ below.