The Resounding Bells of “YES” Are Ringing and We Have Much to Celebrate!

The vote is officially behind us and Australia has jumped onto the marriage equality bandwagon with a vengeance! Parliament has already seen its first ever marriage proposal, those loud and stubborn ‘No’ voices are receding into their shells, and the way is clear for nothing but expression and celebration… 

Tony Abbott Says I do – To Himself On This Street Mural, Redfern Source: Daily

Australian Liberal MP Tim Wilson gave his first speech in Parliament last year. With the proud gaze of his partner on him from the gallery he spoke of the sacrifices they’d made for his career, the rings signifying their bond, and the question he could not ask. How poignant that – fifteen months later – he could stand in that very spot and finally ask that question.

“This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship. In my first speech I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands, that they are the answer to the question we cannot ask. So there’s only one thing left to do, Ryan Patrick Bolger will you marry me?”

It was a day that marked more than one man asking his partner for his hand in marriage: it marked progress, sweet progress.

Image credit: Siasat

The marriage equality debate has been a sore spot in Australian politics seemingly forever, but the resounding “YES” that has reshaped the law has proven to be a better fairytale than Cinderella’s, with people popping the question and changing their tunes faster than we can say “happily ever after”. Parliament has already seen its first marriage proposal – the video will no doubt be the most viewed political speech since Julia Gillard’s “Misogyny Speech” – and even Tony Abbott sang a less obnoxious tune when the time came.

“I won’t be opposing the bill because I respect the will of the people as expressed in the postal survey. The plebiscite was an Abbott government decision –we opened the door to change.”

As he finished his speech, he casually dropped in how much he’s looking forward to his sister’s wedding to her female partner.

Speaking of weddings, the way is now paved for fantasy nuptials like Stanford and Anthony’s in Sex and the City 2 to become a reality, and no doubt designers are just as excited about this prospect as those getting hitched: like the recent marriage of Sydney designer George Elsissa to jewelry designer Mitchell Taunton. The two recently tied the knot it a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the Blue Mountains. It was a picture of elegance and expression as Elsissa designed the entirety of the day’s outfits, dressing his nine bridesmaids in white, himself and Taunton in bejeweled suits like two princes, and the flowers girls in princess gowns. Amidst the sunlight, the mountain ranges, and the woodland it was a picture-perfect fairytale and truly an apt depiction of the happy ending that many couples now have the legal right to celebrate.

Image credit: Iconic Films

Now the door to change has been thrown open, we excitedly await a wave of LGBTQI wedding fashions to flood our newsfeed and magazines. For inspiration, we’ve taken a cross-section of street style and high fashion. Your fashion choices should be a chance for creative expression on your big day and an opportunity to show some flare whether smart casual, conservative, or full blown. Take some ideas from these trailblazers below!

Against all the accusations of sexual misconduct that are dominating the headlines, it’s heartwarming and wonderful to find that stories about love are still making the front page. When the numbers came in for the “YES” vote my newsfeed exploded with nothing but positive messages about love, faith, and celebration. And hearing these stories, reading about them, and seeing the videos has certainly helped to ease some of the misgivings I’ve had about society – the resounding bells aren’t just tolling “YES” they’re heralding hope.

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