The Rubens To March ‘Million Man’ Off On Trans-Tasman Tour This February

Aussie alt-rock legends The Rubens have gifted fans with an effortlessly cool new clip for ‘Million Man’, but that’s not all they’ve got to share…

Image credit: 13th Floor

Frontier Touring have announced that the Menangle-hailing five-piece are marching their ‘Million Man’ tour worldwide – kicking off in New Zealand before heading back home to Oz for a highly-anticipated headline tour in February. The Rubens will be popping into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for three huge nights, (hopefully) giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from their third album. Sydney fans, get psyched! The boys will be playing at the Concert Hall of the Opera House on March 3rd, joined by special guest Joyride – we’ll refrain from making any obvious, cheesy puns about this tour being the joy-ride of our life.

The first taste of their much-awaited third album, ‘Million Man’, has been tickling our brains ever since its release. Now the video for the effortlessly cool and catchy-as-all-hell track has arrived, and it’s the perfect accompaniment for the boys’ laid-back bluesy-rock sound. Lead vocalist Sam Margin’s signature bluesy vocals are almost apathetic, and yet, somehow, simultaneously exude so much country-swagger that an otherwise simple lyric of ‘I will do what I can / When I get home’ spins a fascinating yarn.

So, what are The Rubens going to do when they get home? If the clip for ‘Million Man’ is anything to go by, these lads are going to be stalking the streets and causing a bit of a good ol’ fashioned Aussie ruckus. Filmed in New York, the Hoops-rockers casually wander around what looks to be Brooklyn? I’m not going to lie, the extent of my US geographical knowledge comes from TV, so they could be in Toronto for all I know. The lads are drinking and sharing a couple of laughs, but it’s these distinctly Aussie vibes juxtaposed against the drab NY pavement and city backdrop that make the country lads stick out like a sheep at the beach. Mates, it really is time you came home.

Catch the clip for The Ruben’s latest single, ‘Million Man’, below. Let us know what you think! And get your ticket-buying-reflexes honed, as the tour goes on sale Monday 11th December.