‘After The Lockouts’ Teaser: Maurice Terzini

The next teaser from Paul G Roberts forthcoming documentary ‘After The Lockouts: The Search for Sydney’s Missing Nightlife’ has arrived.

Hospitality icon and creative entrepreneur Maurice Terzini, the teaser gives another glimpse into the effect of the 2014 lockout laws on Sydney’s hospitality and entertainment industries.

Terzini lamenting the downfall of Sydney’s economy, reminisces the city’s vibrant nightlife circa the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

‘I believe a city should be 24 hours, an international city should be 24 hours. I believe that, you know, people should have the right to choose when they want to drink, or when they want to entertain, or when they want to live.’

Terzini’s powerful words parallel the film’s sentiment, and undoubtedly evinces the need for Sydney to undergo massive change.

Catch the teaser below, and head to the official website and Facebook to find out how you can get involved in the 24 Sydney Campaign.