The Genius of WARDROBE.NYC Apparel

Who knew that the daily grind would result in something so revolutionary in the world of fashion?

Designer Dream Team Josh Goot and Christine Centenera. Source: Paris Social Diary

Senior Fashion Director of Vogue Australia and YEEZY runway stylist, Christine Centenera, has officially launched WARDROBE.NYC. Along with her partner, designer Josh Goot, the duo has released four-piece and eight-piece outfit collections that pinpoint the foundations of a versatile wardrobe.

After being beleaguered with enquiries concerning the best affordable styles, Centenera and Goot decided to create their own one-stop-shop solution: WARDROBE.NYC. Centenera tells The New York Times Style Magazine:

“This is our way of saying to people, this season, this is what we think you should be wearing. Being authoritative is our way of providing a solution for people. I think that is a huge solution for people to get on with their lives and not having to be so challenged by what and how to put things together.”

Designed in New York, the pieces are produced in Italy and are being sold on a limited seasonal cycle, with plans to release new pieces each season. Centenera reveals that the Spring collection may be centred on ‘urban sport’, providing the opportunity to showcase her experience with YEEZY.

Featuring timeless and simple designs, Centenera and Goot’s new line has marked them as trailblazers of fashion. Enticing consumers with a price-tag that veers away from the retail norm, the line caters to the ever-changing nature of modern fashion. From shirts and skirts, to blazers and trousers, and hoodies and coats, the pieces focus on chic smart casual looks that never go out of style, and a black-and-white colour palette that Goot defines as ‘democratic’ and ‘solutions based’. The generous range of sizes are also a big plus, with sizes stretching from XS to XL in the women’s range, and S to 3XL in the men’s.

But it doesn’t stop there. With another main aspect of WARDROBE.NYC being that it’s store is based online, the pieces are purchased as a whole set, rather than as separate offers, starting at AU$2000 for the four-piece and AU$4000 for the eight-piece.

WARDROBE.NYC is fast-fashion reimagined. The androgynous edge of the designs are guaranteed to tailor to most people regardless of age, gender, body type and personal style. Not only does it have a universal approach to clothing, it also considers the efforts of many to look good on a budget.  The label has selected the perfect time to enter the fashion fray, as current consumers are wanting more while spending less. As Goot explains to Refinery29:

“I feel like we are at a point in our lives where we love fashion but don’t want to spend a significant amount of money in the excess of it all,”

WARDROBE.NYC definitely hits the nail on the head in its ‘less is more’ approach, and this is what makes Centenera and Goot’s new venture an undoubted success. It’s anticipated that WARDROBE.NYC will skyrocket as a new pioneer in the industry, with many more expected to join the bandwagon.

Christine Centenera and Josh Goot are daring and innovative in their craft. Their deviation from the benchmark of modern fashion has catapulted them further into the industry, and has made them masters of fashion in their own right. Check out WARDROBE.NYC’s Instagram here.