5 Gift Ideas That Will Help (You)r Friends Get Over This Hell Of A Year

2017 has been a bit of a doozy to say the least. It marked our first year with a giant cheeto as the president of the free world, a flurry of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, the revealing of neo-nazis within our midst’s, natural disasters, and sexual assault perpetrators being unveiled left right and centre (although in some ways that’s certainly a good thing).

But perhaps due to the shared trauma we have experienced, this year has also been the year that the world has embraced self-care. And what better time for self-care than Christmas, when you have an excuse to spend all of your money on people you love and care about… which may or may not include yourself. Here are five gift ideas that will help your recipients (and you) wash away this cursed year.

  1. Sprays/Lotions/Candles/Anything that smells nice
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A scent is something that gives off a good impression when very subtle, but when it’s overwhelming and/or downright bad (or, oddly absent) it’s very noticeable. Perhaps the easiest way to feel in control is by surrounding yourself with nice smelling scents, whether it be in your home or on your person. And you don’t have to break the bank to get results! Target, Kmart, and Bath and Body Works stock all of the most popular scents AND some festive Christmas body spray – in case you’re dying to carry that Christmas spirit with you.

You can at least pretend that you have your life together if you smell like it.

Kmart AUS | Target: US and AUS | Bath and Body Works: US and AUS

  1. Subscription to Beauty Boxes
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In what is perhaps the most instant way to satisfy your materialistic needs, you can get a box of products delivered right to your door from around $10 a month. Of course, they are sample sizes but baby, it’s all in the quantity here! A beauty box packed to the brim with products? We dare you to name something that will make your heart race faster!

Stuck for a Secret Santa gift? Get your DIY on instead, and buy your friends a bunch of smaller priced/travel size items – perhaps from the above-mentioned Bath and Body Works (this post isn’t sponsored, we swear), or if you’re smashing piggy-banks then treat yourself to a little Sephora.

AUS: Bella Box (Australia)

US: PLAY! Sephora Beauty Box

Korean beauty boxes:  Mishibox | Joahbox

3. Food

Image credit: Olena Danileiko

Whoever said ‘food is the way to the heart’ was streets ahead of their time. Take your friends and/or yourself out to your favourite eatery, or try something new. While 2017 has been a big old sad face, it has also gifted us with a lot of new food trends. It’s not like we could save up for something big like a house or a future anyway, so we may as well spend our money on something that will give us momentary happiness. Or if you’ve already wasted your paycheck on smashed avo, you could just buy your friends a bunch of their favourite snacks and dump them all into a decorative gift box. It’ll show off the fact that you know them and what they like to eat like the back of your hand. What better declaration of love could there be?

  1. Face masks

Had too much fun with my facial masks. Does it look like Margiela?

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Putting on a face mask is the easiest way to fool yourself into thinking you have your life under control. It’s entirely possible that just by adhering on this glorified tissue paper to your tired face, you can convince yourself that your persistent pre-adolescent skin problems and your depression will be cured.

AUS: A’HA Beauty Store | Beautyworks Cosmetica

US: Yesstyle

5. 2018 Diary/Planner

I know that the year ahead is probably the last thing you want to think about. But maybe if we actually plan ahead, we might be somewhat ready for what fresh hell may come for us next year.

AUS: Kmart | Typo US: Target | Rifle Paper Co.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your leisure on!