‘After The Lockouts’ Teaser: Tux Akindoyeni

The latest teaser from Paul G Roberts’ documentary ‘After The Lockouts: The Search for Sydney’s Missing Nightlife’ has arrived, featuring nightlife security expert Tux Akindoyeni. 

So far, we’ve heard from a number of hospitality vendors and entertainers but one crucial voice has been missing from the fray – Sydney’s security. These guys are on the front line, witnessing firsthand the alcohol-fuelled violence that has been a sore blight on our nightlife – essentially providing fuel for the catastrophic fire that was the implementation of the lockout laws in 2014.

Tux Akindoyeni is the managing director of the Crossguard Group – a high end professional security company that caters for a range of clients in the entertainment, hospitality, retail, construction and residential industries. With over 20 years experience within the industry, Tux has witnessed the fluctuations in Sydney’s nightlife and overall social culture,

‘You’ve got to remember that we were a culture at one point that didn’t go out ill after midnight. And would go through to the next morning till 10:30am if not from Friday to Sunday. It didn’t seem to be a landscape of violence. It seemed that more people got on, socialised with each other a hell of a lot better. And went home when they were ready.’

Tux’s comments are a reminder that merely lifting the lockout laws is not a simple solution to saving Sydney’s social scene. The state government must also look to Improving the infrastructure and accessibility of public transport; this is but one issue that will undoubtedly lead to a safer and more sociable Sydney.

See the latest teaser below, and head to afterthelockouts.com for more information about the documentary and 24 SYDNEY campaign.