Fashion Forward: A Shout Out to Vanity Fair for Celebrating Mutants

In one of the very first scenes of the first X-Men movie, Dr. Jean Grey argues a case for the fair treatment of mutants. True the scene ends with the senate stubbornly convinced that mutants are dangerous, but seventeen years later it seems that Jean’s message has finally sunk in….

Image credit: Vice

It was Vanity Fair –of all platforms- that has taken the progressive step forward and featured two high-profile mutants in all their natural glory. The recent annual Hollywood issue came out featuring a gorgeously dressed Reese Witherspoon sitting/standing (?) alongside Oprah and Nicole Kidman. At a quick glance Reese looks very classy and natural in her sparkly gown on the red carpet; one leg gracefully crossed over the other at the ankle while her third stands erect and keeps her from toppling into Oprah’s lap.


Yep, some major oversight happened in the editing offices of the magazine and the issue has come out with a three-legged Big Little Lies star on the cover. While the professional world of CEOs and editors has probably been thrown into irrevocable turmoil, the rest of us have been blessed with an innocent mistake to laugh about and it’s not only the fans that are making jokes.

Image credit: Pedestrian

In a tweet following the release of the issue, Witherspoon herself came forward about her third leg and humbly asked that we accept her for who she is.

Well… I guess everybody knows now… I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am. And I will never apologise for snuggling @Oprah… if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it.

Image credit: Pedestrian

But Reese wasn’t the only mutant the magazine exposed. A second photo of her and Oprah Winfrey snuggling and laughing together revealed that the beloved actress and TV host has three hands. It took fans longer to find the problem with this picture, but close scrutiny rewarded them with a photo where Oprah has one hand on her hip, another in her lap, and yet another tucked around Reese’s waist.

True to form, the talk show queen was quick to provide support to her fellow mutant.

I accept your 3rd leg. As I know you accept my 3rd hand.

How does she always manage to be graceful AND totally hilarious in one?

Judging from both comments, multi-limbedness is completely natural, not some contagious affliction, and snaps must be given to that brave Photoshopper who shook three fists in the face of conformity, leaving these women captured in all their natural glory!

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